11 of the Coolest Sledding Hills in Kansas City


Not great on skates? No problem. Grab your sled, and take off down these hills. We've complied some of the coolest sledding hills Kansas City has to offer. 


1. Blue Valley Park 

Behold a designated sledding hill stretching 400 feet long. Here you have ample space for a smooth snow ride. (The sledding hill faces 23rd Street.)  | 2301 Topping Ave., Kansas City, Mo.

2. Corporate Woods

The hill is steep, long, fast and fun and offers an adrenaline rush upped by the fact that you really don’t want to sled onto Interstate 435. This hill is best for older kids. | 9200 Indian Creek Parkway, Overland Park, Kan. 

3. Gillham Park 

With its wide-open spaces, Gillham park is a family favorite. It’s also a great place to introduce your toddler to the wonders of sledding. | 3915 Gillham Road, Kansas City, Mo.

4. Leawood Pioneer Library

Sledding is not actively encouraged by the City of Leawood, but that doesn’t stop a slew of downhill enthusiasts from showing up every time it snows. There are tree hazards at the bottom of this hill, so sledders who get intense speed have been known to jump or roll off their sleds. The hill gets bonus points for being next to the library and its restrooms. | W. 117th Street and Roe Avenue, Leawood, Kan.

5. Penn Valley Park

This location has a couple of hazards you need to look out for — mainly a small lake and some trees —making it better for older kids who appreciate a thrill ride. | W. 28th Street and Wyandotte Street, Kansas City, Mo. 

6. Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park

This public park in Lenexa has a smooth sledding hill with a slope that will get you going downhill pretty fast without feeling like you’re about to lose control of your sled.

W. 87th Street and Greenway Lane, Lenexa, Kan.

7. Sheffield Park 

The slopes here are smooth and just steep enough that you’ll get butterflies in your stomach as you head downhill. 

6900 E. 12th St., Kansas City, Mo.

8. Snow Creek Ski Area

This is the only non-freebie on our list, but with five snow tube slopes, this resort brings the sledding fun.

1 Snow Creek Drive, Weston, Mo., skisnowcreek.com

9.  Suicide Hill 

Suicide Hill is Kansas City’s premier sledding destination. The key to its long-lasting appeal is its varied terrain. There are bumpy hills that attract the riskiest thrill seekers, and then there are more demure areas to put down your sled. 

E. 57th Street and Brookside Boulevard, Kansas City, Mo.

10. Ward Park

This is a smaller, slightly less-known park, but it’s great for those little ones just getting their sledding mojo. The hills are smooth and not too intimidating, which means the park’s not packed with bigger kids and dare devils.  

1000 S.W. 22nd Street, Blue Springs, Mo. 

11. Westwood Park 

One of the most popular places to sled in the KC metro, the slopes at Westwood Park are long and minimally bumpy, making them fun for sledders of almost any age.

W. 47th Street and State Line Road, Kansas City, Mo.