3 Ways To Beat Summer Blues

Feel happier all the time

While summer provides a daily adventure for kids on break, others may feel a little bluesy. The idea of missing enjoyable weather and time spent with family and friends can be a downer. These words of wisdom can help you enjoy the season and lead to improved feelings of happiness and well-being.

Get on the move.

Working indoors can be a pathway leading to an inactive lifestyle, but any form of movement acts as a natural mood enhancer. You don’t need to hit the gym for a vigorous workout to feel better. A short walk around the office to stretch your legs and increase circulation works wonders for your mood and fitness. A brisk 20 minute walk outside during lunch will help you enjoy the summer even more.

Brighten your workspace, physically and mentally.

Reminders from home like pictures, knick-knacks, or cards from friends posted around your workspace can greatly improve your attitude. A calming background screensaver for your phone or computer can also provide an emotional relaxant. The addition of light will lessen eye strain and improve mood, so bring in a desk lamp, open the shades, or brighten your screen.

Be open to new possibilities.

Summer offers the opportunity to change things up. Rework your monotonous schedule by trying new dining locations for lunch, or working with new team members to increase creativity and production.

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