5 Kansas City Sweet Treats You Can't Resist

From quintessential KC to new treats, there's always something for your sweet tooth.



T'is the season to openly and without shame indulge your sweet tooth. If you have visions of sugar plums, or really, sugar anything dancing in your head, now’s the time bask in the wonder of a sucrose coma. To help you reach dessert nirvana, here’s a look at some of the newest sweet sensations around the metro and one Kansas City classic.

Quintessential KC


Andres Chocolates Kansas City



   There’s chocolate and then there’s CHOCOLATE. Treating your taste buds to the lushness of a fine chocolate is definitely an all-caps experience and it can be a lot like falling in love. You can’t describe it, but once you’ve found it you never want to be without it.

   André’s has been making chocolate in Kansas City for more than 60 years. It was a scrumptious day for the Midwest when André Bollier and his family emigrated from Switzerland and started sharing their Swiss chocolate artistry. André’s is now being run by the third generation of master chocolatiers and it’s not the holidays in Kansas City without some of their truffles and dark chocolate almonds. P.S. If you haven’t had André’s mousse cake, your life has been devoid of a true chocolate existence.

   5018 Main Street Kansas City, MO 64112, 4929 W. 119th St. Overland Park, Kan., andreschocolates.com

New Treats


The Waffle Bar Kansas City unique treats


   The Waffle Bar

Marwa Noaman and her husband Rayan Awad are ruining diets citywide with their irresistible pop-up shop, The Waffle Bar. This dessert bar is a sweet lover’s dream, serving up bubble waffles (we’re in love with the crunchy edges and soft center of the cone), waffle pops and Krispy Kreme waffle doughnuts that have us scrambling to find our phones to snag a photo. With a choice of 18 nostalgia-inducing toppings, several waffle flavors and a rotating roster of ice cream flavors (tequila, pumpkin pie or cookies n’ cream anyone?) Waffle Bar is sure to bring out the kid in us all.

4745 Central St., Kansas City, Mo., (816) 832-8348, facebook.com/thewafflebarkc

The Waffle Bar Kansas City unique treats

Lolli and Pops

   Taking a trip down memory lane and journeying to other lands is a delicious experience at new Overland Park candy shop Lolli and Pops. The pastel-clad purveyor of unique sweets is known for its premium candies and globe-spanning confections (sourbelts from Spain, French macarons and sodas from Japan), themed gift boxes and old-fashioned shop decor — straw boater hats, bowties and striped aprons included. But perhaps the best offerings are its signature sweets like marshmallow crispy cakes, popcorn, gummy bears and candy bars. The latter comes in fun flavors like sea salt potato chip, fruity cereal milk and hazelnut & biscotti.

   Oak Park Mall 11149 W. 95th St., Overland Park, Kan., lolliandpops.com


Lolli and Pops Kansas City



    Who wants to settle for cookies over the holidays when you can feast on eggnog cotton candy? (Yeah, that’s right eggnog – yum!) Kiffany Bosserman, the owner of Cottontale, could be considered spun sugar’s glam squad. She’s the purveyor of fancy, organic cotton candy in festive flavors like gingerbread, candy cane, cinnamon stick and the aforementioned eggnog. Cottontale sells containers of cotton candy and offers free deliveries in the metro. She’ll also “live spin” at any holiday event.

(816) 865-6553, cottontalekc.com


cotton tale kc


   Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream

   Rethink the way you experience gourmet ice cream with Utah-based newcomer Sub Zero. Making science delicious with the help of liquid nitrogen, the freezer-free eatery gets creative juices flowing by allowing customers to mix and match flavors and mix-ins from amaretto to waffle cone bits, to come up with their own equation for the perfect sweet treat before hand-mixing and flash freezing it to -321 degrees. The result is a smoother, creamier and denser delight than ever before.

   6917 W. 135th St., Ste. B-33, Overland Park, Kan., (385) 375-2617, subzeroicecream.com 


Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream Kansas City