9 New Year’s Eve Hangover Remedies


No one wants to start the New Year with a horrific hangover. Of course, there’s a sure fire way to make sure you feel great Janaury 1 – don’t drink. But if you are going to imbibe (and please don’t drink and drive) we have some professional tips and expert advice garnered from Dr. Alex Tripp, M.D. on how to plan ahead.

Important factors that cause a hangover:

▷Alcohol metabolism

▷Low blood sugar


▷Systematic inflammation


1. Pre-gaming

This is the one time where you should not feel guilty about eating burgers and fries. Pre-gaming with a greasy meal before the actual pre-gaming will benefit your body in possibly preventing a hangover the next day as fatty, high-protein foods will stay in your stomach and help maintain your blood sugar. In short, the food will help the body absorb alcohol slower.

Burger and Fries


2. A dose of inflammatory response prevention?

Yes please! Take ibuprofen or naproxen (or another form of NSAID) before the party festivities. Doing so will stop your body’s inflammatory response before it starts.



3. Sip slowly

Of course the obvious, moderation is key. As the saying goes, too much of anything is bad so, sip the night away instead.



4. Hydrate 1:1

Stay hydrated with the ratio of 1:1. One drink to one glass of water.



5. Ibuprofen + Food

If you haven’t already taken ibuprofen make sure you do so before going to bed and it always helps to eat. Think burritos and diner food. For late night cravings take a Lyft or Uber to Panchos on Main or Town Topic on Broadway. Both are open 24 hours.

Town Topic Biscuits and Gravy

Photo courtesy of Town Topic Hamburgers Facebook


6. Egg McMuffin and Pho

McDonald’s Egg McMuffin or pho for breakfast is known to cure hangovers. The sodium, sugar, protein, and carbs in the Egg McMuffin and pho, consisting of rice noodles swimming in a flavorful Vietnamese broth with thin slices of steak, will help stabilize and provide the nutrients your body needs. Check out iPho Tower on Broadway or Pho Vietnam in Overland Park for your pho options.

McDonald's McMuffins

Photo courtesy of McDonald’s Facebook


7. Beauty hangover?

Drinking also dehydrates your skin. “Too Faced” has a “Hangover Primer” that will help soothe the ravages of over partying.

Too Faced Hangover Primer

Photo courtesy of Too Faced Cosmetic Facebook


8. Sweat-sesh

As distasteful as it sounds, light exercising will help release those toxins your body has broken down through your sweat allowing for a quicker recovery. Another alternative that requires less movement and would probably be preferred is sweating it out in a sauna. If you’re up for a sweat-sesh, sign up for the Hangover Half Marathon that takes place in Overland Park and winds through the Indian Creek Parkway Trail.


Hangover Run

Photo courtesy of KC Running Company Facebook


9. The classics

Then of course there are the classic hangover remedies: Pedialyte, OJ, Gatorade, bread/crackers, Coca-cola, and pickle juice. Each having their own benefits of providing electrolytes, sugar, etc.


Photo courtesy of Gatorade Facebook

Myth buster:

▶︎Mixing alcohol does not create a more severe hangover. Alcohol is alcohol to the body whether beer, wine, or liquor.

▶︎Although the caffeine in a cup of Joe will help with a headache, coffee will dehydrate you. Dehydration being one of the reasons why you feel so crappy in the first place, make sure you also supplement with lots of water.

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