A Superfan's Guide to seeing the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium

Finally, football season is here. Here's how to tailgate, navigate, eat, drink and avoid f-bombs.
photo courtesy of Kansas City Chiefs

Game day at Arrowhead Stadium can be daunting, but huddle up, because we have all the inside info on how you can have the best fan experience possible. 


Tailgate like an OG

No one, and I mean NO ONE, tailgates better than Chiefs fans, and if you want to breach the inner sanctum of hard core tailgaters, here’s a few tips:

  • Get there early. Gates open three and half hours prior to kickoff, but serious tailgaters have been known to arrive at the parking lot by sunrise.


  • If you’re bringing a wide load (aka a smoker), be aware that, while trailers are permitted, you will be charged for an extra parking space.


  • RVs and motorhomes need to enter the sports complex through Gate 6.


  • Lot C (the middle lot on the southeast end of the stadium) is where a lot of the veteran tailgaters hang. If you want to experience tailgating in all its glory, this is ground zero. Lot N (the far lot on the northwest side) is also home to esteemed tailgating professionals. Here is where you can see some one-of-a-kind campers and trailers and enjoy an entertaining cast of characters (and we’re not talking about K.C. Wolf).


  • If you don’t have the mad skills to orchestrate a tailgating triumph, don’t get down on yourself. You can always hack the experience by paying for the privilege. The Chiefs have their own “Official Premium Pregame Tailgate.” This event includes an all-you-can-eat selection of food and drink, two vouchers for beer, pregame television coverage and live DJ entertainment. Is it as good as the tailgate action in lot C? That’s a solid no, but consider it your gateway to tailgating. Tickets are $40.50 per person. primesport.com/d/kansascitychiefs


  • The parking lots close 90 minutes after the game so you still have some time to wait out the post-game traffic jam while you enjoy your leftovers and crack open a cold one.




Psst! Take a tour and then “one up” your friends all season long. (As in, “when I was in the locker room,” or “when I was on the field.”)

Have you always wondered what living large in a stadium suite is like or have you wanted to go inside an NFL locker room? Never fear, because dreams do come true. For $30 per adult and $25 per kid, you can take a 90-minute guided tour of the press box, the locker room (yes, please), the fancy suites, the field (selfie time!) and the Chiefs Hall of Honor. Tours are offered Fridays and Saturdays year-round. chiefs.com


How to tire you kids out so they'll sit still during the game

Before you go inside the stadium, make a pit stop at the FREE Ford Fan Zone by the Founder’s Plaza. It goes all the way from the Hy-Vee Gate to the Sprint Gate, so it’s hard to miss. The F.F.Z. opens at the same time as the parking lots and closes at kickoff. Your kids can go crazy here. There are booths (some with giveaways), face painters and inflatable activity stations. The Chiefs Cheerleaders, the Chiefs Rumble (great musicians!), Warpaint and K.C. Wolf all hang out here before the game.






What Not To Bring To a Chiefs Game 

Pack light to enter the stadium because the NFL’s clear bag policy is in effect. You can carry in a small “clutch,” BUT it can’t exceed 4.5 X 6.5. So, that’s about the size of a Ziploc sandwich bag. Anything larger must be a CLEAR bag AND that bag can’t be bigger than 12 X 6 X 12. So, again in Ziploc terminology, it’s the size of a gallon Ziploc. And you’re welcome to bring in that gallon bag. Here’s the bad news: there are NO exceptions. Don’t think you can give a sob story about how you need to bring in your 20 Sephora lipsticks, or a cache of diapers for your baby, or even special food because you’re highly allergic. If you can’t cram it in the bags listed above, it’s not going in the stadium. Oh, and FYI, don’t bring in your tweezers for a second quarter emergency eyebrow enhancement – they’re considered “weapons.”


Kansas City Chiefs Fans

photo courtesy kansas city chiefs 



Number 1 place for number 2 

If you want to avoid a huge line for the women’s restroom, head on over to the bathrooms by the Pro Shop. Here, you’ll find the crowds aren’t as robust. This could be because the location is Club Level-adjacent, and those fancy folks have their own private potty area. If you’re in need of a family restroom, the one by the Ford Fan Zone is always a good bet.


Kansas City Chiefs Game Day

photo courtesy kansas city chiefs 



Where to sit with your kids if you want to make sure they don't hear F-bombs 

The Family Zone, located on the Field Level (behind section 134), is supposed to be an alcohol and obscenity-free area for families. The Chiefs can’t guarantee this (because they don’t have it staffed with profanity police), but it’s your safest bet as the place to sit to protect those young ears.


Kansas City Chiefs Kids

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Game Booze

The field and upper levels both have bars with a full selection of cocktails, muy bueno margaritas, and domestic and imported beers. You can also get frozen liquid refreshment. The shortest adult beverage drink lines usually are the two bars flanking the Hall of Honor. Avoid the Ford Fan Zone. It’s always packed.


Kansas City Chiefs Stands

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Where to go when your seats suck

If you’re in the nosebleeds or find yourself in end zone hell, head to the Draft Room. It’s a sports bar in the stadium with much better beer than you’ll find almost anywhere else at Arrowhead.


Kansas Chiefs Signs

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Best place to shop

The 4,000-square foot Kansas City Chiefs Team Pro Shop (located on the north side of Arrowhead Stadium by the suites) has the largest selection of Chiefs merch in the Kansas City area. So, the shopping is solid. But it’s also a prime place to hang if you’re freezing, about to drop from heat stroke, or really sad about how the game is going.


Kansas City Chiefs Fireworks

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