Best Romantic Restaurants in KC No Matter Your Budget

From pricy for a passionate foodie to budget-friendly and flirty, this dining guide will set you up for a romantic night out.



   Capital Grille

   One thing more satisfying than a perfectly prepared steak? Sharing the experience with your sweetheart at Capital Grille. 
Whatever your pleasure – a 14-ounce, dry-aged KC strip au poivre with Courvoisier cream, perhaps, or a seared tenderloin with butter-poached lobster tails, or a decadent 24-ounce porterhouse to share – this elegant steakhouse will satisfy your appetite and then some. The interior is just the right blend of old-school charm, with richly textured carpets, low lighting, white tablecloths and suited servers eager to make your evening a success. $$$$, 4740 Jefferson St., Kansas City, Mo.,


   Westport Cafe and Bar

   For a fancy steak night with an approachable price tag – and a darling French bistro-style setting – hit up Westport Cafe and Bar. The steak frites feature an eight-ounce hanger steak with whipped herb butter, béarnaise sauce and a golden pile of fries for just $23, and will have your date saying merci in more ways than one. $$, 419 Westport Road, Kansas City, Mo.,


Westport Cafe and Bar Kansas City steak night

westport cafe and bar steak


   Bob Wasabi Kitchen

   Bob Wasabi does not have starched tablecloths or a wine cellar. There is no formal dress code. You can’t even make reservations. But oh boy, there are few things as sexy as the show-stopping dragon roll (with shrimp tempura and broiled unagi) or the rainbow-inspired chirashi bowl (steamed rice piled high with fat cuts of sashimi and roe). This is also the perfect place to treat your date to something a little special, like the rare and wonderful toro (tuna belly) – a pearly pink delicacy that will make you seem like a true gourmand. $$$1726 W. 39th St., Kansas City, Mo.,


   Sushi House Leawood

​   Sushi House has a sleek, modern interior that suggests high-end prices – so you’ll be pleased to hear that the going rate for a specialty roll averages around $13. Bonus: Pop in for a lunch date and you can enjoy one of several bento box choices for under $15. $$5041 W. 117th St., Leawood,


bob wasabi kitchen sushi roll

bob wasabi kitchen sushi roll



   ​Corvino Supper Club is one of Kansas City’s sexiest newcomers. Chef Michael Corvino’s gift for exquisite plates with layers of flavor is on full display every evening. Surprisingly, one of the most popular menu items has turned out to be a cheeseburger. Corvino has perfected the experience: A thin grilled patty is topped with gooey melted Muenster cheese, charred onions, sour house pickles and a simple garlic aioli, and sandwiched in a sesame bun. One bite and your whole world will realign. You can get by with just the burger here for $10, but we’re betting you’ll want to kick back a few oysters and maybe dig into some gnocchi. $$, 1830 Walnut St., Kansas City, Mo.,  


   Town Topic   

   Burgers at Town Topic cost five cents when Claude Sparks first opened his landmark KC diner in 1937. Today you can get a cheeseburger for under four dollars. Bring your sweetie into either of the Crossroads locations for a date tinged with local history. You’ll feel like you’ve just gotten out of a DeLorean as you sidle up to the chrome-accented counter – and you might want to share a root beer float or a hand-dipped malt to really keep the vibe going. Ask for two straws. $, multiple locations,


Corvino Supper Club cheeseburger

corvino supper club cheeseburger


   Michael Smith

   Looking for some pasta options for Lady and the Tramp-style dining? Michael Smith Restaurant has recently been rebranded with a focus on modern Italian cuisine. There are nine pasta dishes to choose from. You can revel in everything from a stunning beet pappardelle that curves around Barolo-braised beef to linguini noodles made with black truffle. Enjoy your feast in a stylish, energetic setting just a stone’s throw from the Crossroads Arts District. $$$$, 1900 Main St., Kansas City, Mo.,


   Il Lazzarone

   ​Can’t afford to jet your sweetie to Naples for an authentic pizza experience? Don’t worry: The wood-fired ovens at Il Lazzarone are imported from Italy, the recipes are close to the 17th-century originals and the restaurant is certified by the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana. In other words, it’s about as near to the real thing as you can get without stepping on a plane – and we’re betting that a few bites into a margherita or ricotta pie, you’ll feel like you’re dining al fresco on some breathtakingly beautiful piazza. $$, 412 Delaware St., Kansas City, Mo.,


Michael Smith Kansas City squid ink pasta

michael smith squid ink pasta


   Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar

   Crab legs on the cheap? You bet – as long as you’re tuned into the daily happy hour at Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar on the Country Club Plaza: 4 to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, 3 to 6 p.m. Sunday and all night Monday. For $20, the happy-hour sampler – with one-fourth pound of snow crab, one-fourth pound peel ’n’ eat shrimp and three happy-hour oysters – will have you and your honey feeling like royals. $$$$, 4814 Roanoke Parkway, Kansas City, Mo.,


   Jarocho South

   A lot has been made of the aphrodisiacal power of oysters over the years, and lucky for you, Jarocho South is never short on them. They’ve also got a plethora of other treasures for you and your loved one to gorge yourselves on: bay scallop ceviche, fried whole pompano fish, Spanish octopus sautéed in its own ink. You and your date can get cozy in a booth, toss back a round of margaritas and let the ocean adventure roll up to your table. $$, 13145 State Line Road, Kansas City, Mo.,


Jarocho South Fried Fish Kansas City

Jarocho South fried fish


​   Bluestem

   Dinner at Bluestem is an experience, with every element of your evening carefully executed by the restaurant’s top-shelf staff. If you want to make your sweetheart feel exceptionally taken care of, this is the place — and after the two of you have hopscotched through a gastronomic frenzy of fairytale pumpkin soup, house made ricotta cappelletti, glazed pork belly and cremeux de Bourgogne, you’ll feel like the price tag was well worth it. $$$$, 900 Westport Road, Kansas City, Mo.,



   At Tannin, $40 will get you a three-course dinner (add $20 to $40 for wine pairings). Chef Jonathan Justus of Justus Drugstore was recently tapped to refresh Tannin’s menu, focusing on wine-friendly food with a local-leaning ingredient list. Pro tip: Request one of the cozy, handsome booths — you’ll feel cocooned inside a happy space made up of only good food, good wine and your sweetheart. $$$, 1526 Walnut St., Kansas City, Mo.,


Bluestem chocolate dessert Kansas City

bluestem chocolate dessert


   Cafe Provence

   The French invented romance — or so we’ve heard. The folks at Cafe Provence are unlikely to fight that statement, and they have no reason to. Their seasonal French menu includes timeless classics like pan-seared dover sole, filet mignon bordelaise and foie gras poêlé (complete with a foie gras and chestnut bread pudding). These dishes are served in the most charming country cottage-inspired dining room you’re likely to find outside of France. $$$$, 3936 W. 69th Terrace, Prairie Village.,


   Ça Va

   You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy French luxury. In Westport, Ça Va pours a number of ooh-la-la bubbly beverages that you and your date can enjoy by the glass or by the bottle — and you can still have enough left over to share a dozen oysters, or perhaps the rotating accoutrement (usually a sinfully good tiered cake with buttercream frosting worthy of Marie Antoinette). If you want to try a range of sparkling wines, hit up Wednesday’s weekly “Flight Night,” with special pours from unique vintages. $$$, 4149 Pennsylvania Ave., Kansas City, Mo.,


Ca Va wine Kansas City

ca va wine


   Betty Rae’s

   Cutesy and inventive, Betty Rae’s has quietly amassed a reputation for the best ice cream flavors in town — from decadent (goat cheese-apricot-candied walnut) to nostalgic (root beer) to eclectic (Kansas City BBQ). And it doesn’t end there: You and your precious petal can share an affogato, an apple cider float, a strawberry shortcake sundae or even a boozy orange creamsicle shake. There is no end to the delight that Betty Rae’s can deliver, and you and your sweetie will love stealing spoonfuls from one another. $, 7140 Wornall Road, Kansas City, Mo.,



   Sometimes, the only thing that matters is how you end the meal. If your sweetie has a sweet tooth, you can do no better than Story in Prairie Village. If your cutie pie considers chocolate a love language all its own, go to town on the chocolate torte, resplendent with cinnamon ice cream and a thick pomegranate syrup. And if you really just want a pile of donuts, you can get that, too. Story’s pretty little hill of donut holes with caramel is worthy of a special category. $$, 3931 W. 69th Terrace, Prairie Village.,


betty raes ice cream kansas city

Betty rae's ice cream

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