Bubbles and Baubles

Getting all glammed up in gorgeous gowns and designer heels is just one of the many benefits of being a woman. But there is one item that, if forgotten, can prevent a truly amazing fashion moment from ever reaching its full potential—the perfect piece of jewelry. Whether your fashion sense is simple, elegant or even downright boisterous, there is a piece of jewelry that can take your look from terrific to stunning.

Revered Italian jewelry designer Roberto Coin has been providing jaw-dropping jewelry moments for more than 30 years with his unique and iconic collections. Trusted by some of the world’s most prominent celebrities on their biggest nights, Roberto Coin is a true legend in the world of sparkle.

Coin’s newest release, the Bollicine Collection, expertly plays with the concept of “little bubbles.” Utilizing combinations of yellow and white gold, Coin produces chic and modern pieces that display the very definition of luxury. Prominent gold circles encapsulated in each piece create a whimsical effect, cleverly catching the light and effervescing energy.

With a collection as exuberant as the Bollicine, it’s no wonder that celebrities and fashionistas around the world all want a little piece of Roberto Coin. 435 South magazine caught up with Coin shortly after his Bollicine Collection debut in Kansas City to discover how jewelry and design make his world go round.


435 South: You have been designing jewelry for more than 30 years. Talk about your beginnings in this industry. What inspired you to start enhancing lives through jewelry?

Roberto Coin: Since I was a young boy, I highly appreciated fashion and I always wanted to dress women. In those years I used to work in the hotel business and I met a large number of interesting and fashionable ladies who spurred my creativity to become a reality.


435: Each piece you design includes a ruby. What gave you the idea to include the ruby that symbolizes peace, prosperity and happiness?

RC: I’ve always loved history and legends. The one of the ruby comes from an ancient Egyptian legend where the significance of this stone promotes a long, happy and healthy life. I wanted to give each client my personal and secret message, and thought that the ruby perfectly captured it.


435: In LA, fashion-forward pieces are the norm. How do you suggest women in Kansas City incorporate your pieces into their Midwestern style?

RC: Roberto Coin has such a wide range of different creations and that is because we are worldwide. During my most recent visit to Tivol in Kansas City, I met many elegant and sophisticated women who certainly do not need any style suggestions. Go with what feels good.

435: As a successful jewelry designer, you likely get suggestions from the public on what sort of collection to do next. Do you let your fans and clients influence your next designs, or do you simply go where your heart leads you?

RC: During all my life I’ve been following my heart and I will continue to do this. My emotions, as my culture and my story, influences and gives nourishment to my inspiration. Of course I’ve also always been curious and inspired by the world surrounding me, and my clients are one of the most important parts of this world.


435: Are you involved in any philanthropic causes currently?

RC: One of the most interesting people I’ve met in my life was Mr. Earl Mountbatten (at that time governor of India), who gave me a useful suggestion: “A great man shall be very clever but most of all he shall have a good memory, which is fundamental to always remind him that he has a heart.”

I’ve always been involved in many charity projects. At the moment we are collaborating with Christy Turlington to help her Every Mother Counts association. In these kinds of things my company and I prefer actions more than words.

435: You have said that different languages, cultures and backgrounds inspire you. Are there any cultures you haven’t explored that you want to know more about?

RC: I would love to deepen my knowledge of all of these cultures! But I’d especially love to know much more about the various cultures of Africa.


435: Many celebrities have worn your jewelry. Do you have any memorable stories associated with them wearing your pieces?

RC: One of the moments I really enjoyed was when I gave Salma Hayek and Ashley Judd two pendants with no value in price, but extremely important in their meaning as they symbolized the collaboration of Roberto Coin with them for youth AIDS in Africa.


435: If a woman leaves the house wearing only one piece of your jewelry, what should it be?

RC: At the moment I believe that the Animalier Scorpion Bangle is the number one essential. Since fashion is very “of the moment,” this is the perfect balance of elegance and trendsetting glamour for any woman. Worn with a simple black sweater, this bangle is the ultimate accessory this season. v

To see Roberto Coin’s collections, including his latest Bollicine Collection, visit Tivol on the Country Club Plaza and Hawthorne Square or online at www.tivol.com

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