Luxury womenswear store Clairvaux launches in the Fairway Shops

Sway Samanthalevi
Photo by Samantha Levi

Sophisticated formal prep meets vibrant and bold with this striking look. A forest green suit pops against the sheen of a silky amethyst-hued blouse. Accessories like black-and-white two-tone leather booties and a leopard pearl pendant necklace add texture and pattern. Get the look at Parisian chic-inspired boutique Clairvaux (2710 W. 53rd St., Fairway), which opened in the Fairway Shops in mid-September.

Dorothee Schumacher Emotional Essence Coat, $900
Dorothee Schumacher Emotional Essence Pants, $340
Dorothee Schumacher Hot Lila Colorful Volumes Top, $380
Little Liffner Oyster Clutch, $650
Just Female Madrid Boots, $273
Maison Irem Chain with Leopard Pearl, $195
Jenny Bird Gold Ring, $95


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Photo by Samantha Levi

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