Dr. Kevin Latz, M.D.

Dr. Kevin Latz

Dr. Kevin Latz, M.D.  |  Pediatric Orthopaedics  |  Children’s Mercy

What is the latest innovation in your field?

▷We’re getting closer to being able to, in certain cases, repair rather than replace the ACL when it is injured. We’re also learning more about ways to avoid certain sports injuries such as ACL tears.


What has been your most challenging case?

▷I had two patients die by suicide on the same weekend. I can still remember where I was standing when I heard the news. It was awful. It made me realize that, while we were doing a pretty good job performing surgery, we weren’t doing a good enough job taking care of the whole patient.


What is one piece of medical advice that you wish patients would follow?

▷Realize that exercise is medicine. Many diseases and conditions we treat with medications and surgery could be better treated and prevented with activity and exercise.


What is the biggest challenge currently facing medicine?

▷How to provide quality care to the most people at the lowest cost. I’d rather have the patients I care for focus on getting well rather than worry about how to pay for their care.

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