Elevate Your Gift Wrap Game

Gifts become even more special when the wrap is tasteful.


Sure, you can use a gift bag and since 2002 the gift bag has been the preferred method to “wrap” a present.

But come on, you’re better than that. Where’s the fun of ripping into a gift bag? Oh, wait – you can’t because, yeah, it’s a bag. And besides the gift bag diminishing the whole present-opening experience, there’s also the lack of artistry. Who hasn’t reverently admired a beautifully-wrapped gift with a gorgeous bow? 

The gift bag is also a snub to our Kansas City heritage because the Hall brothers Joyce and Rolli, pretty much invented gift wrap as we know it today. In 1917 the Hall Brothers store ran out of tissue paper wrap so they improvised and sold fancy French decorative envelope lining paper. It was a hit and led the Halls to create the consumer gift wrap.

Tips: Layer your ribbons to take your bows to the next level. When wrapping your other gifts stick to a color scheme so they all have a uniform look. Use heavy-weight paper to create leaves and flowers. Use a pencil to curl edges for a realistic effect.

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