Elvis impersonators will descend on KC this month

Kansas City Elvis Impersonator
Photo by Zach Bauman

Jeff Bergen didn’t set out to be an Elvis impersonator. As he toured the U.S. and Canada fronting a classic rock cover band, he found that the King drew louder applause than the Beatles or Stones.

“I resisted because I didn’t want it to become an Elvis show,” Bergen says.

Eventually, he leaned in and, by 2000, Bergen was a full-on Elvis imitator — rhinestone sunglasses and all.

“From a singer’s standpoint, Elvis is really a lot of fun to do. He covered every genre of music, so it’s never boring,” he says.

Since 2008, Bergen has held a monthly Elvis tribute at Knuckleheads. Once a year, around the King’s January birthday, Bergen goes all-out, bringing in other Elvises from the region. This year, Bobby Simkins, Danny Johnson and Matthew Sharp will join Bergen on the main stage.

GO: Elvis Bash, Saturday, January 18, 8 pm. $15. Knuckleheads, 2715 Rochester Ave., KCMO.

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