Brunch like royalty with these easy hacks that set the bar high

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Brunch is about style. It’s about breaking open a sexy yolk over avocado toast and lingering over Irish coffees. With the pandemic canceling so many brunch dates, here are a few ways to enjoy that decadence at home.

Caviar Treatment

What’s the ultimate brunch indulgence? Probably topping off your scrambled eggs with more eggs. Of course, the French came up with this extravagant idea—just Google Michelin-starred French chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s recipe for scrambled eggs served inside an eggshell and topped with caviar. You can purchase caviar at Whole Foods or order caviar service—with accoutrements—from Ça Va (4149 Pennsylvania Ave., KCMO).

Get Crabby

Crab legs are a luxury item, and you deserve a pile of them on your table next to some melted butter and a tall glass of bubbles spiked with just a splash of grapefruit juice. You can find whole crab legs at local grocery stores or Broadway Butcher Shop (3828 Broadway Blvd., KCMO), or order takeout from Jax Fish House (4814 Roanoke Parkway, KCMO).

Bring On The Bubs

Here’s the thing about mimosas: Most of the time, you’re getting a few sips of bottom-shelf sparkling wine, with the cheap taste camouflaged by OJ. Isn’t it better, really, to pour yourself a flute of the good stuff with a kiss of juice?

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