The Face of Anti-Aging & Hormone Replacement: Kathy C. Maupin, MD & Rachel M. Sullivan, DO, BioBalance Health

Biobalance Faces20

The fifth annual Faces of Kansas City focuses on the individuals and groups whose experience and expertise make them leaders in their fields. These professionals work diligently to provide the best service to the residents of our city. Get to know the faces behind the businesses that want to share their passion and commitment with you.

Dr. Kathy Maupin and Dr. Rachel Sullivan have created a formula for treating patients with preventive, comprehensive medical treatment. BioBalance started providing this treatment 18 years ago, and we have been expanding our treatments ever since.

What do we offer our patients? Hormone replacement, specifically tailored to you, is the foundation of our medical plan to reverse aging and make our patients healthier. We expand our treatments to treat many other hormone imbalances that contribute to pain, fatigue, weight gain, and illness. We also give you a specific diet and exercise plan to help you achieve your goals.

BioBalance provides treatment that your primary doctor does not have time to offer you. The consults with Drs. Maupin and Sullivan are one hour long; we believe in listening to and educating you. Dr. Maupin has posted over 500 health casts on our YouTube channel and has also written two books to inform patients on how to prevent disease and age without disability. Her men’s book, Got Testosterone?, has received the 2019 Independent Publisher’s Award for Men’s Health. Her women’s book, The Secret Female Hormone, has been read and published around the world in multiple languages.

Patients seek our treatment from 8 countries and all over the United States. BioBalance Health is in your own city. Why not enjoy the second half of your life with our help?


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