Food Trucks in Leawood

Hot Wheels

TRUCK STOP: With its bouncy, bright and hip aesthetics, sets up shop in downtown Kansas City on Big Orange Truck Block Party Thursdays, starting at architectural firm HNTB at 9 a.m. and running a steady schedule throughout the day at various points. On Tuesdays the indie food-truck operator parks outside Farmers Insurance in Olathe; Wednesdays it’s at Garmin and Terracon around K-10 and Ridgeview. Jurgens’ tweeting is the GPS for in-the-know food-truck aficionados requiring a delish caffeine + sweet fix.

FULL TANK: Jurgens gets jazzed from customers’ instant reaction following sips of coffee or real-fruit smoothies and bites of cake. “We receive smiles in return,” he says. And smiles are up—business has increased 143 percent since April 2011.

CAFFEINE SCENE: Brian Jurgens—or Stubbie, E.F. Hobbs Specialty Coffee logo’s bearded character—started roasting beans in 2009. He sells wholesale to coffeehouses and grocery stores, online and in’s chowdown-good rolling café. The 6-foot-4-inch barista, with just enough room to stand upright in the Big Orange Truck (and a bit to spare in its 90-square-foot interior) while serving downtown and suburban office workers, food truck rally attendees and anyone else wandering up to the order window, is the 21st century equivalent of the neighborhood ice cream man. “Except I’m rowdy, breaking into song or dance,” says Jurgens, whose sleek onboard espresso machine would be just at home in a brick-and-mortar store. “I have 30 seconds to give ‘em what they want—a shot of comedic spouting off with a darned good latte.”

MOBILE MUNCHIES: Overland Park’s award-winning 3 Women and An Oven supplies with buttercream-topped decadent yummies that partner perfectly with hot and cold drinks Jurgens, his wife Melanie and summer help, KU student and daughter Kaitlyn, dole out. Currently the most popular pairing revving up customers is a chocolate peanut butter cupcake and a “Pablo”—Mexican-spiced cocoa with a shot of espresso, hot or iced. “The pink champagne cupcake is a close second,” says Jurgens, whose on-the-fly menu resonates with cravers of sugar and caffeine. This summer the pink champagne baby cake will be added to the truck’s offerings, for that little something-something to perk up the day.

MILEAGE PLUS: racks up about 200 miles a week peddling its haute casual menu. “Fuel is one of our highest operating expenses,” says Jurgens, whose “have food/will travel” wanderlust won’t be dampened by prices at the pump.

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