Fork in Hand

Paul Versluis
John McDonald|!!| Boulevard Brewing Co. founder and president|!!| and Steven Pauwels|!!| brewmaster|!!| pause for a beer break at the specialty brewer’s gleaming headquarters on the cusp of downtown Kansas City.

The Boss is Back

‘Tis the season—April and May—when Boulevard Brewing Co. fills Kansas City’s coolers, home refrigerators and bar kegs with the divinely caramel-colored Boss Tom’s Golden Bock. Named for one of the city’s most notorious politicians who ruled the roost during the Great Depression, Tom Pendergast, Boss Tom’s annual release heralds the beginning of the thirst-quenching months when beer connoisseurs drink a cold one with…well, just about everything. From barbecue and baseball-watching to a weekend at the Lake to cooking—you get the idea. The beauty of this goes-down-easy Maibock is in the eyes of the beer holder.



Boss Tom’s Golden Bock is a traditional lager with a smooth, soft maltiness punctuated by a restrained hop presence. When it comes to flavor profiles, the medium bodied beer captures the imagination, wafting a crisp, slightly floral hop and imparting a sweet, cracker flavor with moderate dry hop bitterness. You’re not an aficionado, and just know what you like? Pour Boss Tom’s for a refreshing late-spring beverage, put your feet up and enjoy life. And count your good fortune that Missouri’s second-largest brewery is right in our backyard.

Bottoms Up

Boss Tom’s Golden Bock is available in six- and 12-packs around town, and on tap in hundreds of bars and restaurants. But hurry—spring is fleeting, and when it’s gone, so is the Boss. Pay your respects now.


Good Company

Invite Boss Tom’s in for happy hour with the neighbors or a dinner party. It pairs well with Emmentaler, a nutty-sweet Swiss cheese perfect for a fondue fest (cube fresh Farm to Market ciabatta or sourdough for dipping), and is a winner with mild goat’s cheese. Ask for George at Dean & DeLuca—he’ll hook you up with Cypress Grove Chevre’s Midnight Moon or Humboldt Fog or a new local fave, Landeria Farm’s cave-aged cheeses made from Alpine dairy goats’ milk.


Beer Belly

Boss Tom’s is just one seasonal brand that Boulevard rolls out. To understand how much of the hometown brew’s ales and lagers are quaffed annually, swallow this bit of trivia. In 2010, the award-winning company sold the equivalent of more than 46 million 12-ounce servings. Boulevard’s tasty beer is sold in 20 states, with fans in small towns and large cities sipping the full-flavored, distinctive characteristics of some of the Midwest’s most celebrated beer.

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