Gray Matter Matters


Scientists know now that throughout life humans are capable of generating new brain cells and new connections between them. The more you stimulate your brain the more connections your brain can make, helping you to mentally age in a healthy manner. Here are some techniques and explanations for keeping that gray matter big and beautiful. 

1. Do aerobic activity for a fit brain and body

Recent research has demonstrated that exercise increases growth factors in the brain, making it easier to build neuron connections and send information. An increased heart rate pumps more oxygen to the brain, increasing its size and function.


2. Challenge yourself with brain teasers, puzzles, and math games

Because your mental health is no game, make sure you have fun by playing a thinking one. From Sudoku to word cross, any of these will do for building faster pathways in your brain’s information highway.  


3. Try novel things


This is where your creativity comes in handy. Brushing your teeth or eating your food with your non-dominant hand is a good example of a new “trick” for your body and mind to learn. The brain loves to engage in familiar activities that engage different parts of the brain. Learning a new instrument, language, or game will help even more, engaging your brain on multiple levels.


4. Don’t go it alone

Countless studies relay the benefit of rich and meaningful relationships or social interaction as one key for continued cognitive sharpness. One study at Michigan University found that group discussion and group problem-solving did more to increase cognitive functioning than a control group in which participants did not interact but watched video clips together.


5. You are what you eat


Generally health experts agree that what is good for your heart is good for your brain too. Lots of fiber, vitamins and nutrient-rich vegetables are a great place to start.


Ask your personal physician for more assistance to keep your brain smart as a whip, and follow us every Tuesday for more health and wellness news




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