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Turning Back Time
Dr. Karen Baucom
The quest for the fountain of youth is alive and well in today’s fast-paced and age-conscious society. A local doctor found this elusive secret, and it lies not in the hands of plastic surgeons or in age-defying medicines and make-ups, but rather in the hands of each and every person. What those hands put into their bodies will have a direct impact on the aging process and how well people will feel as they age.  
Dr. Karan Baucom, board-certified in anti-aging and regenerative medicine, believes that age management is the future. 
“Through better nutrition, hormones and lifestyle changes, we can actually improve the way people age,” Baucom says. “We take a look at the entire body and use human hormones to give back what naturally belongs in human beings, rather than using an artificial substitution approved by a government agency.”
Baucom spent most of her career in women’s health as a board-certified gynecologist and focused on improving medicine and care for females. After practicing for 30 years, Baucom attended a conference on bio-identical hormones in anti-aging. This conference not only piqued her interest in age management, but it also fueled a career change. 
“As a gynecologist, I understood that artificial hormones were not the best way to treat menopause,” Baucom says. “After attending the conference and hearing how I could treat patients organically and holistically, I knew that I needed to make the change to age management medicine. Very few physicians are trained about the importance of fruits and vegetables for nutrition. I appreciated the movement to organic alternatives, we believe you are not only what you eat, but you are also how you feel.”
One of the many things Baucom fell in love with at the conference was the ability of age management to treat the whole body. 
“Age management looks for what is causing the problem instead of simply treating the condition,” Baucom says. “I got so tired of practicing what I call ‘recipe medicine’ – just treating conditions based on symptoms alone. Age management figures out what the body actually needs and treats many conditions at once.”
She adds, “Age is only a number, not how we live our lives.” 

The Baucom Institute

The goal of The Baucom Institute is to alter the way their patients age to enhance their quality of life. 
“Age management is a proponent of good nutrition, replacing all hormones naturally, if needed, providing a non-stressed environment and physical fitness,” she says. “Through these changes, we actually give you a greater chance of longevity with quality of life. Because we don’t advocate the use of artificial sugars or processed foods, we give people a better opportunity for a really good life.”
The Baucom Institute focuses on the individual needs of each patient and uses a broad range of diagnostic testing to customize the best therapeutic program for each person. Baucom carefully applies each plan and meets with patients regularly to measure results. 
“Our patients are precious because they have the faith to walk through that door and say ‘I want you to treat my whole body,'” Baucom says. “I know all my patients by name, and I don’t need a chart to review their medical history because I work so comprehensively with each person.”
Dr. Baucom wants those precious patients to be around for the best days of their lives and knows what is truly important in life. 
“All you have in life is time with family, time with friends and the joy of appreciating the beauty of the planet,” she says. “Our goal is to enhance your vitality and restore youthful exuberance so that longevity is only a number, and we hold the trust placed in us sacred.”
words: Katy O’Donovan
photo by: Ryan Hill