Inside My Closet

WHAT I DO DURING THE DAY: Typically something creative, ranging from painting to event planning to interior design. Whether through my children’s activities, volunteering at organizations like Spofford House or working, I find myself in a variety of interesting and creative endeavors. I also love to read and travel. If I’m not getting ready for a trip, I’m beginning to plan the next one.

THE CLOTHES I’M WEARING: A fabulous dress that I found in New York and Beverly Feldman (my favorite) shoes. 

I LOVE THIS OUTFIT BECAUSE: It’s just so fun! It has such a great 1970s summer party vibe. I love the colors and the cut. It absolutely demands pouffy hair with a wide headband and hoop earrings! I have worn this dress with flats to a casual get-together, and I have also dressed it up for a cocktail party/fundraiser. 

INSIDE MY CLOSET YOU’LL FIND: I love dressing for occasions — the clothes, the accessories, the hair and makeup — and having a glass of champagne while putting it all together! I enjoy shopping while traveling, and many objects in my closet remind me of wonderful trips and beautiful parts of the world. I pay attention to trends, but I am not driven by them. I’m partial to unique items that mix well with what I already have. I adore interesting jewelry, and I have many pieces that make such a statement that the clothing becomes secondary.

I LOVE SOUTH JOHNSON COUNTY BECAUSE: It’s home and a great place to raise a family. There is an impressive commitment to independently owned businesses here. I especially enjoy the charming boutiques.

photo: Gary Rohman