Inside My Closet

WHAT I DO DURING THE DAY: I run my business, Jewelry Girl Designs, from my in-home studio. I spend several hours a day designing and making jewelry. A lot of my time is spent finding just the right beads and staying on the cutting edge of jewelry design. I also spend time updating my display at Trendz, a boutique co-op located at 151st St. and Nall Ave. After work, I look forward to catching up with my children, Parker, 12, and Paige, 8, and hearing about their days. We usually have activities and homework in the evenings. Then I finally get to relax with Eric, my fabulous husband of 16 years.

THE CLOTHES I’M WEARING: My dress is from Press. I love the colors because they are soft and muted. With this outfit, I pulled out the primary color of brown as a focus for my accessories. I believe accessories are not just extra; they are a critical part of an outfit. I selected the brown silk ribbon necklace and the brown smoky quartz bracelet to complete the look. The sterling silver bracelet and earrings add a little sparkle. My shoes are from Hathaway Shoes.

I LOVE THIS OUTFIT BECAUSE: It is so versatile. It is perfect for hot summer days, and it will transition into fall when I wear it with a long sleeved T-shirt, leggings and boots. To complete the look, I add a little jewelry to make the whole outfit look complete and polished.

INSIDE MY CLOSET YOU’LL FIND: As a busy mom, my closet is streamlined with jeans, shirts, dresses and lots of jewelry. I love jeans from David Khan and Tag. I like my closet to be simple and organized. Sometimes I choose my jewelry first then an outfit to go with it. Changing the jewelry and shoes can make the outfit go from work to an evening on the town. I truly believe accessories are as important as the clothing. Having a few key accessories that coordinate with the clothing in your closet can take the outfit from ordinary to extraordinary.

I LOVE SOUTH JOHNSON COUNTY BECAUSE: It is a wonderful place to raise a family. We moved here for high-quality schools and great neighborhoods. There is so much to do. With all the wonderful restaurants and boutiques, south Johnson County is a family-friendly community with a big-city feel.

photo: Chad Hickman