Inside My Closet

WHAT I DO DURING THE DAY: I am the manager at Sunlight Day Spa. I love running a business that emphasizes feeling good and being healthy from the inside out. I don’t call what I do a job. Being able to wake up every day, walk into an oasis, do business with great people and learn from the experience of my coworkers is a very gratifying career.
THE CLOTHES I’M WEARING: I am wearing a little black dress by French Connection. My shoes are Guess, and my purse is Kenneth Cole.
I LOVE THIS OUTFIT BECAUSE: I didn’t have to spend a fortune on it, and I feel sassy in it. I can go to work or go out on the town in this dress and still feel confident and comfortable. I truly believe that your wardrobe can be stylish and current without spending a fortune.
INSIDE MY CLOSET YOU’LL FIND: A little bit of everything and a lot of handbags and shoes! There are some staple items that I can’t get enough of such as denim, the basic white tee and the little black dress. I also have quite a collection of belt buckles that I interchange on different colored belts. Accessories are my favorite part of an outfit. Shoes, handbags and jewelry are definitely my weaknesses. I can’t have enough.  
I LOVE SOUTH JOHNSON COUNTY BECAUSE:  It’s a perfect mix of family-friendliness, convenience and activity. My kids have fantastic educational opportunities, and I’m never lacking for things to do with them. The shopping is great and everything is wonderfully convenient. Plus, unlike any other city I have been to, people in south Johnson County are friendly and warm.

photo by Ryan Hill