Inside My Closet: Melinda McDonald

WHAT I DO DURING THE DAY: I work for Child Health Corporation of America, a business corporation of children’s hospitals located across the United States. I am a vice president in the Group Purchasing Division. 

THE CLOTHES I’M WEARING: I have on a silk dress my sister gave to me as a gift. We went shopping together and had a great afternoon. We do not get to spend much time together as she lives in Atlanta, Ga., so an afternoon of shopping and fun is always remembered.

I LOVE THIS OUTFIT BECAUSE: First, I love the colors and the beadwork at the neck. The dress is very vibrant and stands out in a crowd. Second, I love the way it flows. It is silk and has a nice appearance and look. It can be dressy when paired with high-heeled sandals or more casual when worn with flats. Third, I love the length. Not too long!

INSIDE MY CLOSET YOU’ll FIND: I have a mix of business clothes and casual pieces. Because my work requires travel, I have pieces that travel well and can mix with other business pieces as well as casual clothes. I enjoy different colors and mixing and matching different items. I also have a number of fun skirts. I prefer them to shorts in the summer for a casual look. You will also find many pairs of shoes. I won’t go so far as to admit a fetish, but I do love fun shoes in many colors and styles.

I LOVE SOUTH JOHNSON COUNTY BECAUSE: South Johnson County is coming into its own in terms of shopping, dining and activities. It is so convenient for everything I want to do. I also love having the many biking trails as I love to bike in the warmer months. The parks and recreational areas are wonderful as well. The school system here cannot be beat. All in all, it’s a great place to live and work.