Inside the Closet of Kathleen Sylvestri

Mackenzie Eveland

Hanging out on a Friday afternoon in Kathleen's closet…

Tonya Manning: As the Art Director of 435 Magazine, I know there is no typical day for you.  What is your favorite thing about your job?

Kathleen Sylvestri: That is my favorite thing. I like challenges and you grow with change. I wouldn’t say I’m typical so why should my day be?

TM:  You are great at mixing and matching patterns in a way that feels right.  What’s the trick?

KS: Thanks! I think it’s really about having fun, If you think you can pull it off you can. Confidence is key when mixing patterns and as long as you are using complementary colors in the patterns I say push the envelope.

TM:  Who are your style influences?

KS: I have always been influenced by my grandmothers. Each lady pushed the envelope (perhaps not quite as much as me) and had her own style. A strong woman dresses that way and who wouldn’t want to emulate that?

TM:  What are you wearing and why do you love it?

KS: My tunic is Left of Center, Jeans are Level 99, shoes are from DSW, and my necklace is from Anthropologie. I love it because it’s easy and comfortable-perfect for a day at work all I need to do is throw on a nice jacket.

TM:  I am sooo jealous of your skin.  What is your beauty regimen?

KS: Well, that is silly! I don’t really have one to be honest. I wash my face at night with my Clarisonic, put on a little bit of moisturizer on, go to sleep, wake up, throw on some makeup, and repeat.

TM:  You work at Anthropologie part time.  We’ve had some fun shopping there together.  What fashion advice do you give most often?

KS: I think it is super important to determine what you like and know what flatters your shape. Be confident in yourself and have fun. I look at dressing as painting each morning, as I do most things. It’s a blank canvas and you can recreate it each day. That makes it freeing and fun!

TM:  You have a loom that takes up an entire room in your house.  Tell me about your love of weaving.

KS: In my free time I weave scarves. I learned to weave during my time at KCAI and fell in love immediately! It is the perfect continuation of both my grandmothers’ love of fiber as well. One loves to knit and the other loved to needlepoint.

TM:  What is your favorite spot to hangout spot in KC?

KS: I love being outside in the amazing fall weather we have in KC. There are a few parks close to my house and I take my dog, Gus, there on walks all the time. He loves all of the people out and about.     

Maureen sylvestri

Having fun (always) during the shoot.