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Laurel D. Austin

What is the most popular item at 3 Women & An Oven?

The Baby Cakes are probably our most popular item. They are a mini bundt cake and come in more than a dozen flavors. They are slightly more elegant than a standard cupcake and a little smaller. When it comes to the most popular flavors, Pink Champagne and 24 Carrot Cake are always in a battle for first place.


What ingredients do you locally source?

We source locally as much as possible, but sometimes it’s a challenge to meet our volume needs. The great thing is there are more and more vendors allowing us more resources. We are in the heart of America! What better place is there to get the flour, eggs, butter, cream and buttermilk we use?


How many pounds of flour and sugar does 3 Women & An Oven use each week in baking your award-winning confections?

We use roughly 400 to 500 pounds of confectioner’s and cane sugar combined; about 200 to 300 pounds of flour a week; and we use probably eight to 10 cases of eggs a week. Keep in mind each case of eggs has about 15 dozen eggs. We use this to make hundreds upon hundreds of cakes, cookies and bars each week.


What’s the secret to your consistently yummy products like the Champagne Baby Cakes, cupcakes and cookie bars?

Everything is handmade from scratch. We bake the way people used to bake. We use real butter and we crack real eggs.


We love the Girlfriend Cakes. Why did you start making and selling the miniature cakes?

These popular cakes came about because our customers were asking for something smaller. Sometimes they didn’t really want a nine-inch cake that serves 16 to 20, but they wanted more than a single serving cupcake. We came up with the Girlfriend Cakes, which are five-inch cakes and serve four to six people. We also have miniature Celebration Cakes that are fun and whimsically decorated.


How many ovens are in your bakery? Do you use them all on a daily basis?

We have five ovens and they all are used every day.


Do you plan to introduce any new items anytime soon?

Keep checking back with us on Facebook for updates on new arrivals in the next few months.

What is your personal favorite of the desserts you make?

Stacey’s favorite is her great-grandmother’s peanut butter cookie and mine is a tie between the lemon cake and my grandma’s lemon bar. We do use family recipes!


Where does your inspiration for dessert creations come from?

We think in flavor, if that makes sense. We taste ideas in our head. Our ideas come from customer requests and our great employees. We also like to experiment with blending flavors.


Aside from you and Stacey, who is the “third woman?”

The “third woman” is everybody else—all the men and women who work with Stacey and me.


What holiday baking tips would you offer to readers?

Time is a blessing! Give yourself the gift of time and call us and we’ll have it ready for you! Call early. Please give us plenty of time as we are closed over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. We like to enjoy the holidays with our families as well.


How many treats do you donate to charity each year and what are some of the charities?

In the beginning of the business, we did not have money to advertise, so we promoted ourselves through charitable projects. We donate to more than 200 projects a year. We will donate such items as gift cards, cakes and other dessert items and we have participated in fundraisers such as silent auctions and carnivals. We especially try to contribute to charities that help women and children like Rose Brooks, Hospice, Children’s Hospice, TLC for Children and many others. We also contribute to the Blue Valley School District and like to promote events through our Facebook page. It’s such a rewarding thing to be able to give back to the community and we love to help put the spotlight on so many great organizations.


What do you love best about having a business in Johnson County?

This is a great home base for us. Our customers are our friends and neighbors. But we also have customers throughout the Kansas City Metro. Our products are in restaurants, coffeehouses and specialty food stores in both Kansas and Missouri. We also ship our products to 48 states. We hope to expand our Johnson County operation in the coming year.

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