Kansas City's Top Kitchen Trends for 2018

The kitchen is the heart of the home and Kansas City designers say there's never been a more exciting time to reimagine the favorite and most used room in your house. Here are eight kitchen design trends that are sweeping the metro.


Call this a sophisticated upgrade of the rustic Farm House look that's been around for the past decade. Designer Lisa Otterness of Classic Kitchens says the key is to not stick to one trend and to pair the rustic elements with a modern sensibility like sleek cabinets or more contemporary fixtures.


The days of having an island that's a slab of granite with some barstools and calling it a day are over. Katy Cassaw with Nest Interiors says the island is getting more attention from seating to lighting. "I'm doing islands with banquettes and with feature lighting that makes a real statement. I like to push the scale envelope."


Forget about the brass fixtures you saw in every house built in the 1980s. This brass isn't about the shine. It's what designers call "soft gold" or brushed brass. Megan Vejraska with Ferguson says its a "beautiful addition to a kitchen because it creates a sense of luxury."


Having a matchy-matchy kitchen is a thing of the past. Cassaw calls mixed metals "huge." She says the key is to blend warm and cool tones. "We try to use the rule of thumb to use one metal as the dominant and then mix in some other metals as accents." Perfect places to mix metals are on oven vent hoods and in your kitchen lighting.


Designers agree that nothing dates your kitchen more than being dark with heavy wood tones. A white kitchen is always timeless, but there are more current ways to achieve a space that's dazzling. Otterness suggests staying away from granite and using brighter countertops like marble or quartzite. Cassaw is a fan of white cabinets but says you shouldn't be afraid to use more color.


Beveled, arabasque and tile that's wavy or rippled are the new must-haves. Otteness says the patterns create interest and catch the light in unique ways. Cassaw says subway tile is still in, but with a high-gloss or matt finish and beveled edge. She also likes a slab backsplash that's seamless with no grout lines.


If you want a sophisticated cooking space, then the new black stainless is the way to go. Vejraska calls it a reaction to the all-white kitchen. She also says glass front refrigerators and wine bars up the luxe factor. Ann Darnell with Kohler says they're coming out with an ombre faucet that's sure to increase your kitchen design wow.


Otterness says she's using a lot of wood in kitchens, but in different, less expected ways. "Wood countertops are coming back in exotic woods and in reclaimed lumber. I'm even using local elmwood in some kitchens." Cassaw says stained wood is having a moment. "It's a more interesting interpretation with a light finish that's almost like a washed wood look."


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