KC Fun Fast Facts

-It is commonly known that the Country Club Plaza draws its inspiration from the classic architecture of Seville, Spain. What is lesser known is that its tallest building is a half-sized replica of the famed La Giralda Cathedral of Seville. 
-New York’s Central Park is sprawling with nearly 1,000 acres, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the sweeping grounds of Swope Park which features 1,805 acres of storied land and structures. 
-Kansas City’s iconic fountains are celebrated each year during the month of April when they are simultaneously activated for the season on “Fountain Day.” With more than 200 glorious water features dotting the landscape, Kansas City boasts more fountains than any other city, except Rome. 
-Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Kansas City Chiefs, was the first stadium with a scoreboard built to feature instant replays. 
-Jackie Robinson is well-known for being the first African-American major league ball player. Before he stole the headlines, the famous shortstop played for the Kansas City Monarchs. 
-The Kansas City Royals’ name is a nod to The American Royal — Kansas City’s oldest tradition in agriculture, livestock, rodeo and, of course, barbecue. 
-Arthur Bryant’s is considered by many to be the world’s best barbecue. It rose to notoriety following a favorable write-up in Playboy Magazine (1974) by Calvin Trillin. Trillin wrote “…possibly the single best restaurant in the world.” Since that time, it has been frequented by notable celebrities and touring politicians. 
-Kansas City has more barbecue restaurants per capita than any other place in the world, according to The Kansas City Barbecue Society. 
-Union Station was the site of a 1933 shootout known as the “Kansas City Massacre.” The gun battle resulted in the death of four law enforcement officers. Some speculate the notorious Pretty Boy Floyd was at the center of the event but managed to escape with his life. 
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