KC's Most Expensive Apartments

Kansas City and the surrounding area are becoming more similar to places like Los Angeles or New York City; not in that there’s a hubbub of show business or vegan restaurants galore (though it’s getting there), but because apartment prices are sky high. Luxury complexes are all the rage and we’ve wrangled up some of the most expensive in Kansas City. 


One/Two Light

($1,340- $5,525)



One light/ two light 


50 E 13th St, Kansas City, MO 64106 (One Light)

1444 Grand Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64106 (Two Light)



Though it’s only been around for a few short years, One Light Luxury Apartments has taken the city by storm. Home to sports stars like Eric Hosmer and Alex Gordon, this complex has become steeped in exclusivity in a heartbeat. With amenities like a rooftop pool and an all-hours concierge, One Light can fulfill any penthouse dreams.

The success of this downtown escape led to the building of Two Light, and soon, there’ll be a Three Light. But if their main objective was to bring an exclusive luxury complex to Kansas City, why create three? A Kansas City realtor of 25 years seems to believe that the hubbub has subsided with the creation of Three Light. 

“People were intrigued with One Light due to the exclusivity that came along with it. When Two Light was created, it became a supply and demand situation, but with Three Light in the works there just isn’t anything special about it anymore. It’s a chain now, not a unique experience as it once was.”

Fountain View on the Plaza

($1,200- $6,000)


Fountain View Living

Fountain View on the plaza 


Fountain View Pool

Fountain View on the Plaza Pool Area


4800 Oak St, Kansas City, MO 64112



The Plaza is known for giving Midwesterners an exotic European experience right in the heart of Kansas City, and with the architecture being modeled after Spain, expensive apartments don’t seem too out of the picture, right? And at upwards of $6K a month, most jaws have still not returned to the closed position. 

Altitude 970

($1,000- $2,300)


Altitude 970 Game Room

Altitude 970 Game room


Altitude 970 Gym

Altititude 970 Gym


6301 N Klamm Rd, Kansas City, MO 64151



Altitude 970 — even the name sounds fancy. Stepping into the lobby, you already feel like you’re in an episode of Fixer Upper, thanks to the high chandeliers and the brass paneled walls, but the excitement doesn’t stop there. The pool is what really seems to sell it. With lounge chairs fit for a king and the all-access bar and grill, there’s no need for a tropical vacation anytime soon. 


46 Penn

($1,400 to $3,100)


46 Penn Courtyard

46 Penn Courtyard


46 Penn Theater

46 Penn theater


4551 Pennsylvania Ave, Kansas City, MO 64111



Based off the surrounding area alone, 46 Penn is underwhelming. To be listed as one of the most expensive apartment complex in Kansas City seems like a long shot… until you walk in the doors. A state-of-the-art gym, balconies overlooking the LED-lit pool and gorgeous marble finishes on every counter are just a few items on the long list of things you get with this hefty price tag. 

Villa Milano

($1,000- $3,000)


Villa Milano Kitchen

Villa milano 


Villa Milano Pool

villa milano pool area


13740 Howe Lane, Leawood, KS 66224



Throughout the hunt to find Kansas City’s priciest apartments, Villa Milano was brought up more than enough times to make its way on the list. Indoor theaters, outdoor cabanas and yoga studios are just a few of the amenities that make this complex worth the while. Villa Milano allows the residents to feel as if they’re staying at a five-star hotel.

Mission Farms

($1,400- $4,300)



4080 Indian Creek Pkw, Leawood, KS 66206



With shops and restaurants like Enjoy Pure Food, Blue Koi and many others, it has any foodie satisfied while living just up the stairs from all the culinary action. Mission Farms is ever evolving as well; New restaurants and shops move in yearly and new construction is underway to keep up with demand. The condos are very spacious, leaving room for the perfect man cave or yoga room. 


The Kessler

($1,300- $3,700)


The Kessler Living

The kessler


4851 Meadowbrook Parkway, Prairie Village, KS 66208



Prairie Village is already known to bring a big price tag on a home, and the Kessler is no exception. Gorgeous lobbies, meeting rooms and gyms are just a few of the lavish services you receive in this complex. The apartments have a very modern-chic vibe to them, causing any millennials to swoon over the white stone backsplash, or the white cabinet doors. But for the most part, residents are paying for the experience here; even the lobby has a wealthy lifestyle-feel, with sitting nooks and gold-plated decor. 

Highlands Lodge

($1,200- $2,300)


Highlands Lobby

Highlands lodge lobby


Highlands Lodge Kitchen

Highlands Lodge 


5000 Indian Creek Pkwy, Overland Park, KS 66207



If you’re looking for a Loch Lloyd feel without buying a multimillion dollar house, Highlands Lodge is just the place. The complex has a very rustic, woodsy feel to it, and it’s certainly a contender for the most gorgeous pool on this list. Highlands Lodge is notable for the gorgeous indoor area in the pool house, with beautiful stoning and wood paneling all over the complex. 

The Royale at Cityplace

($1,000 to 5,000)


The Royale Game Room

The Royale game room 


The Royale Pool

the royale pool area


10501 W 113th St, Overland Park, KS 66210



This is like a hotel on steroids. The Royale features a mini golf course, infinity pool and, of course, gorgeous apartments. On this list of luxury apartments, this one nearly takes the cake in the “luxury” department. Everything about The Royale screams expensive, and it’s enough to make residents never want to leave their building, making the price tag actually worth it.