Let There Be Light

As seasons change and the days get shorter, we slowly see ourselves moving from our exterior spaces back into the interiors of our homes. We miss the bright sunrise and late sunsets. The interiors of our homes feel darker and more confined. It is amazing how daylight savings plays with our perceptions. Lighting design is a solution to transform your home into a new and exciting environment. This can be done by layering light sources to create ambience and atmosphere. Wilson Lighting is passionate about helping the consumer create lighting designs that are unique and perfectly suited for his or her home. We believe lighting should not be an overly complicated project. Here are some innovative ways to revitalize the lighting in your home.


Updating your chandelier can add an unexpected stylish element that easily transforms a room. Dress up an existing chandelier by adding a decorative ceiling medallion or a fabric chain cover, for example.

Another alternative is to change the look of your existing chandelier by changing the shades. Chandelier shades are available in various colors and shapes. The retro drum shape shade can add a new chic feel to many simple fixture designs. And for those of you that like a little more bling in their style, look for magnetic crystals that can be draped, swagged and bobbled from your chandelier.


Indirect and under-cabinet lighting will rejuvenate a room. By adding task and accent lighting, you create the illusion of a more open space. The traditional fluorescents can be easily replaced by several new options such as xenon and LED. 



Recessed lighting above the counter is a trend of the past. Adding decorative pendants offers a playful approach to lighting. Pendants are available in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes to blend with traditional, contemporary or transitional interiors. 

While tea-stained glass offers a more traditional look, colored glass is offered in various shapes and sizes that compliment both transitional and contemporary settings.


Energy savings is a top priority in our new green society. Dimmers can be added to most lighting products to save energy and extend the life of the light bulbs. Not to mention it gives you the flexibility to control multiple layers of lighting and creates a wonderful ambience in a room.


One of the simplest ways to add light to a room is by adding lamps. Some of your options include Torchiers, which are used for general area lighting. Floor lamps are also great for extra reading light, while table lamps can add color and interest to a space. And don’t forget that changing a shade on an existing lamp will give new life to an old lamp or family heirloom. 


Monorail systems are a simple new solution to add multiple layers of light to a room. Similar to track lighting, these flexible systems will replace a single recessed can light or chandelier to create a combination of task lighting or accent lighting with decorative glass pendants. Monorail systems can also be wall-mounted to give artwork a gallery style. 

words: Dee Devine Frye & Lashell Hall, Wilson Lighting

photos: Laurel D. Austin