Life Behind Bars

By day, an aspiring actor known for his voiceovers, commercial work and an appearance in the movie “Fight Night.” Roman’s unique day job occasionally bleeds into the night. He’s been known to wear elaborate costumes to the job and has appeared as an ‘80s rock star, Tina Turner and an elf. Check out Roman’s signature drink, the Confederate Bomb.
801 Chophouse
The best tip Ott ever received was when several Chiefs players and their business managers sat in the bar recently. It was a party of 10 or so. The bill came to around $3,000 which would normally mean a gratuity of $500 or $600. The generous player who picked up the tab left a tip of $1,000.
Ott’s signature drink is also 801’s signature cocktail — the 801 Manhattan. It’s made of an interesting vermouth and a delicious whiskey (from a small production company out of Utah). The popular drink is a return to the old-style Manhattan.
Gaslight Grill
Comet is a witty barkeep who’s just arrived on the scene from San Diego, Calif. He is full of fascinating stories, bad jokes and zingy one-liners.
Once he served a gentleman who was a member of a wedding party and whom Comet thought bore a strong resemblance to a cast member on the ‘90s TV drama “90210.” He teased him about how much he looked like the character Steve Sanders only to find out he was, indeed, Ian Zeiring, the actor who played that role.
Recently Comet received a tip from a group of casino dealers. It was a ticket for entry into a poker tournament in which he wound up splitting a pot of $1,600.


Sullivan’s Steak House
The celebrities served by Johnston include Carl Edwards (of Nascar fame), Trent Green and Ted Nugent.
Johnston shares that the most surprising thing he’s found in his long career behind bars is that people really open up to you and tell you things. Lots of things. Things you may not even want to know about. In fact, let’s just say he’s been shocked by the number of “open” relationships he’s encountered over the years.
On the best tip he’s ever received … that would be $1,100 for a party of 20 that he managed single-handedly.
The Capital Grille
“The best tip I ever got was a basket of flowers made by a regular — an older gentleman and former boxing champion who says he competed in the Olympics,” says Murray. “He had been telling me about his love of gardening. To my surprise, on my birthday he appeared with a beautiful arrangement of flowers he had put together himself, complete with a clumsily tied ribbon. Easily the most touching tip I’ve ever received.”
On the most surprising thing she finds about being a bartender? The number of other bartenders who hold master’s degrees.


Nick and Jake’s
Duncan has made such deep connections as a bartender that she’s become as close as any family could ever be to her network of associates. That extended family includes customers, owners and co-workers. In fact, she and the other bartenders at Nick and Jake’s were so deeply troubled by a recent devastating accident of fellow bartender, Mickey Munoz, that they took action. Munoz was in a car accident that was preceded by an aneurysm. Together Mickey’s co-workers established a golf tournament in order to raise funds for the exorbitant medical bills. “Like I told you,” says Duncan, “we’re family and Mickey’s just like a brother to me.”
Klotz recently moved from the corporate world to Coach’s and appreciates the more laid-back, easygoing pace of the locally-owned, home-town bar. On the best tip she’s received … there was a man who came in who had three beers and left about $120 in tip. He didn’t talk much, but was really a sweet man. As a daytime bartender Klotz finds she serves a different cocktail than her nighttime co-workers. In addition to the draft and bottle beers which are the most popular pours of the day, she regularly serves an Irish Coffee type of drink, especially during the colder months.
Klotz’s signature drink is the Summer Breeze, which is a strawberry vodka, peach vodka, lemonade and cranberry juice blend.


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