Lipstick colors we’re excited to wear this Valentine’s Day

Photo by Samantha Levi | Styled by Catherine Mangan

Step aside, bold red lip. This year, we’re seeing lip hues with a little more oomph, such as silky nudes and adventurous purples. We’ve tallied the looks teased for 2020 from celebrity influencers and local makeup artists and showcased some of our favorite loud and luscious lip color trends.

*Pro Tip: If you’re looking for the best shade to complement your eye color, use cool colors like deep reds and purples for brown eyes. Warm orange-reds and corals will make blue and green eyes pop.

Shop the Look:

1. L’Oreal Paris in Matte-Jestic  |  $10 |  Target

2. Mac in Viva Glam I  |  $19  |  Macy’s

3. Becca in Sugar  |  $24  |  Sephora

4. Mud in Flirt  |  $24  |  Mitsu Sato Academy

5. Messner Bee Farm in Nebraska Wedding  |  $5  |  Made in KC

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