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BioBalance Health

BioBalance Health
4400 Broadway Blvd., Suite 400, Kansas City, MO 664111
Specialty: Hormone-Replacement Therapy

Specializes in Hormone-Replacement Therapy

BioBalance Health sets the standard for fighting aging with the scientific use of testosterone and estradiol bio-identical pellets.

Kathy Maupin, MD, and Rachel Sullivan, DO, have collectively treated patients with bio-identical hormones for more than 35 years. Their experience and success are simply unmatched. They use subcutaneous hormone pellets derived from all-natural ingredients that have been shown to be the most effective, longest lasting and most convenient treatment method for women and men. While other approaches may require multiple daily applications and may cause weight gain and other side effects, BioBalance patients receive pellets under the skin that release their hormones over periods of three to six months.

BioBalance Health is also superior to other practices because the doctors analyze and treat the entire scope of hormonal issues that affect their patients, from adrenal insufficiency to thyroid performance. This holistic approach optimizes their patients’ health and lifestyles.

Unique to the BioBalance practice, prospective patients are pre-screened with blood tests and an online questionnaire so the doctors schedule appointments only for women and men whose health can be improved by hormone replacement therapy. The BioBalance goal is to allow their patients more fulfilling lives by preventively treating the challenges that come with aging.


Dr. Maupin’s book on the use of testosterone has been published in six countries around the world and she is nationally recognized as the leader in the field. BioBalance Health is the obvious choice of women and men for hormone replacement therapy.

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