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The Real Spa Medical Aesthetics

The Real Spa Medical Aesthetics
111 NE 91st St., Kansas City, MO 64155
Specialty: Medical Spa

Back row: Suzanne Williams; Kinsey Redmond; Anna Pisciotta, RN

Front row: Alicia Smith; Nikky Rice.

Not pictured: Beth Epperson; Shonn Tew, RN; Emilee Wright, RN; Carol Flattery, NP.

The Medical Spa

Driven by her passion for medical aesthetics, Suzanne Williams opened The Real Spa in North Kansas City in October 2017. Williams has always loved being able to help people look and feel their best, and turned that passion into a profession. When she became the Botox rep, all the pieces seemed to fall in to place. Seeing how people felt after the treatment and watching their self-confidence rise was inspiring. Williams was the Botox rep for nearly eight years in Kansas City and the CoolSculpting rep for a year and a half until June of this year, when she prepared to open The Real Spa.

After years of building territories she felt that corporations don’t appreciate you as a person and what you bring to the table.  At The Real Spa, customers can feel relaxed and at home with the team that Williams has put together.  They focus on the face, body and wellness and put their love of aesthetics into helping every single person get what they want from their med spa experience.

Williams’ highlighted services at The Real Spa, are exfoliation treatments like Dermaplaning, Chemical Peels and HydraFacials. She also recommends injectables like Botox and many other preventative services that anyone in their 20’s and up can start doing to make a drastic difference in their skin.

At The Real Spa, Williams wants her clients to feel the comfort of having an at-home spa session with their best friend while giving them real med spa services. Her aim is to create a welcoming and accepting atmosphere that isn’t uptight. By opening The Real Spa, Williams is able to focus on changing how people feel about themselves from the inside out and she is able to be there for every step of the journey. Her inspiring motto is ‘The Real Spa for the real you.’

Though Williams was born in Oklahoma, she went to the University of Kansas and played tennis. She graduated in 1993 and has called Kansas City home ever since. In addition to running her medical spa, She loves spending time with her three children and eating at just about any Mexican restaurant in Kansas City.


   The sooner you start investing in your skin the less expensive it will be down the road as you age.  There are many different treatments you can do to pause the aging clock.  But if your going to invest in treatments, you must also invest in medical grade skincare to get the best results.

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