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Homebirth Midwifery Care

Julie Gorenc, CNM, CPM and Kara Winkler, CNM

Midwife Partners is proud to offer home birth services to Kansas City and surrounding areas. Did you know that home birth offers low-risk families a safe and comforting alternative to hospital or birth center births and that, with home births, dads are much more involved? Recent studies prove that planned home birth with trained attendants is just as safe as, if not safer than, hospital or birth center births  for low-risk, healthy  women. Ask around; you might be surprised to find the number of women who have had or know someone who has had a home birth. Many times, women choose home births because of a previous hospital experience, but the growing desire for more a natural birth experience also accounts for the high rate of home births. Birth should be a natural event that rarely needs intervention, not a medical event that rarely happens naturally.

▷“Midwives and Homebirth:  Informing, Empowering, Inspiring.”
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