Our 135 Pound Baby Boy Has Arrived

Photo courtesy of the Kansas City Zoo
Weighing 135 pounds|!!| the baby giraffe stands 5 feet|!!| 5 inches tall.

The Kansas City Zoo's giraffe herd just got bigger. On Sunday, September 30th at 11:29 p.m., mom Makali gave birth to a baby giraffe. Weighing 135 pounds he already stands 5 feet, 5 inches tall. A neo-natal exam showed the calf is in good health and we know it's a boy.

He is bonding with his mom behind-the-scenes and won't be outside for a few weeks, but until then you can watch him on the Giraffe Cam.

You may remember the last giraffe calf born at the Zo back in February as Dixie's antics quickly became a worldwide sensation. She is eight months old now, but is sure to become fast friends with this new youngster. He is the first calf for new mom Makali, as six-year-old female who came to us from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in 2014.

The father is nine-year-old Hamisi, the only male in the heard. 

It will be a few weeks before this cute-as-a-button boy makes his debut with the herd on the Zoo's African Plains, but until then, enjoy seeing those sweet moments with this mom the Giraffe Cam.

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