Our 7 top picks for Father’s Day gifts


Ask a coffee nerd, and they’ll tell you the best way to make espresso drinks at home isn’t to shell out for a pricey home machine; it’s to get one of these $30 contraptions from frisbee-maker Aerobie. Add hot water and use pressure to force the water through the grounds until you have a flavorful, low-acidity cup with real crema.  $30  |  williams-sonoma.com



Rechargeable lantern

KC-based Core makes camping gear including tents, sleeping bags and lights. We love this ultra-powerful 1000-lumen lantern, which is dimmable and rechargeable.  $55 | coreequipment.com

Rechargable Lantern


Dad might never ask for such an extravagance, but if he likes nice things, he’ll appreciate Apple’s AirPods. They really are the best product in the category — and it’s not close.  $200 | apple.com

Air Pods


Leatherman Charge

Chances are your dad has fond memories of a Swiss army knife from his youth. Well, this is like that — but so much better. No hyperbole: The Charge ALX fits in a pocket or glovebox and features a suitable stand-in for almost every tool in the box.  $150 | leatherman.com

Ugg Scruff slipper

Australia’s Ugg is best known for its women’s sheepskin winter boots.
But the brand also makes men’s footwear, such as these wool-lined Scruff slippers. They’re endorsed by Tom Brady, who counts them among his favorite possessions — Dad can say something snarky when he has
six Super Bowl rings.  $80 | ugg.com


Takuminowaza G-1008

These precision-machined and super sharp Japanese stainless steel clippers are the best in the world and likely the last set your dad will want or need. Be sure to buy from a verified seller as knockoffs are increasingly common.  $20 | amazon.com

Takuminowaza g-1008

Garmin’s Instinct Smart Watch

Battery life is a big problem for most smartwatches. After a year, you’ll be lucky to get a full day out of an Apple Watch. Kansas City-based Garmin solved that problem and more with its sleek new Instinct, which replaces power-sucking color pixels with a simple monochromatic display while packaging an activity tracker, GPS and altimeter into a rugged fiber-reinforced polymer case that’s built to military spec. Not only do you still get calendar notifications, incoming calls and messages on your wrist, but you also get up to two full weeks of battery on a single charge. $300  |  garmin.com

Smart Watch