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Paul Versluis

Leawood State of Mind

Dynamic. Amazing. Remarkable. Exciting. Successful.

Those words could be inscribed on a nameplate for Leawood Mayor Peggy Dunn’s City Hall desk—they certainly portray to the letter her run as First Lady of the municipality that was incorporated in 1948. Instead, they’re adjectives the perpetually poised and gracious mother of four, grandmother of six (with another on the way) and cheerleader of Leawood uses to describe the people she works with in a city she doesn’t just love, she adores. Dunn has been an elected official in the City of Leawood since 1993, first as a two-term Ward Three councilwoman, and then stepping into the mayoral role in 1997. Was being mayor of a fast-growing area of a large metropolitan city something Dunn had as a goal on her short list?

“I was approached and encouraged to run for office,” says Dunn. “I originally didn’t have the desire, but it seemed like a rewarding and fulfilling way to serve the community.”

Serve she has. In her tenure as Mayor, Dunn—a recognizable figure whether she’s walking the Tomahawk Creek trails with husband Terry or pushing a cart through the produce section of a local grocery store—has attended hundreds of business ribbon cuttings, countless chamber events and other public functions, fundraisers and galas. She has stood at podiums delivering State of the City addresses and speeches to organizations around the area. Her proudest achievement as mayor is the diversification of the tax base.

“During the past several years, Leawood has benefited from additions of retail and office developments, with a recent emphasis on mixed-use projects,” says Dunn.

Dunn, a self-proclaimed family-centric individual, revels in the quality of life that Leawood offers its residents. This past month Dunn, along with Terry, their children and grandchildren, attended the annual 4th of July Celebration in Leawood City Park.

She describes the evening from the perspective of a 32-year-resident, not a well-regarded civic leader.

“It was magical,” she says.

And for an understated mayor who uses high-octane skills to help Leawood grow with distinction, the fireworks display that night perhaps symbolizes the future of her beloved city.



DYNAMIC: “Leawood citizens are dynamic. They care, they get involved, they value a sense of community. Everyone—commissions, councils, advisory boards and volunteers—wants to propel the City forward.”

AMAZING: “If you look beyond Leawood’s borders, into the myriad projects helping to reshape the greater metropolitan area, chances are one of our amazing residents is involved.”

REMARKABLE: “There are many reasons for the success of this remarkable city. It’s a time of historic growth, and there’s continued reinvestment in the older communities. The schools, public safety services and the infrastructure are priorities.”

EXCITING: “It’s exciting to look around and see not only the beautiful amenities like the parks, green spaces and trails, but also the business growth.”

SUCCESSFUL: “It’s teamwork and partnership that make Leawood successful."

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