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Family Dentistry

Amy Rhoades Hahn, DDS and Rachel Pitts Driscoll, DDS

No need to fear this dynamic dental duo and their all-female staff of 15 — they aren’t your average dentist’s office. They’ve perfected an exclusive dental experience for everyone, including those who “hate going to the dentist.”

Why choose a family dentist?

We understand that you don’t have time to visit multiple offices for treatment. With our cutting-edge dentistry, we offer a large range of services from your routine dental cleanings, fillings, and crowns to more specialized dental treatments such as oral surgery procedures, anti-snoring therapy, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, Invisalign, treatment of TMJ and much more. Our office is equipped to provide for your entire family’s dental needs, all in one place. Another big plus: you can see us from infancy until retirement and beyond. We’ve got you for life!


What makes Rhoades Family Dentistry Different?

Just about everything! Your entire experience is customized from the welcome you get, to rooms equipped with comfort menus, to an entire staff that remembers what you like, don’t like, and all the details in between. We have every part of your visit thought through with care. Our rock-star staff will impress you with its dedicated TLC, concierge-level service and willingness to help you in any way.

The calm, amiable energy throughout the office will whisk away all your den­tal anxiety (and there is always sedation dentistry if you need that “something extra)”. We make scheduling a breeze with the ability to schedule appointments online at rhoadesdds.com. You can also schedule on our Facebook page, by text, email or keep it “old school” and give the office a call. We not only provide outstanding dental care, amazing customer service and use state-of-the-art technology but also offer a cozy, comfy stay. You will leave our office feeling like family and never saying “I hate the dentist” again!

Meet the doctors:

▶︎Dr. Hahn and Dr. Driscoll have more than 20 years of combined dental experience. You can expect these two to show off their super powers of being time-effi­cient, amazingly gentle and calming. Their passion for pro­viding the best care available is evident in their use of the most advanced tech­nology that allows them to create beau­tiful smiles and keep dental costs down. They won’t bore you and go into detail about all the services they offer that help with anti-aging, sleep disorders, cor­recting bites and profiles, saving teeth, faster and more comfortable advanced 3-D imaging, and never having a goopy impression taken again… but it is all real­ly cool! They provide exceptional, pain-free dentistry to patients of all ages.  Looking for a long list of nerdy cre­dentials? We got ‘em. Check it all out at rhoadesdds.com/aboutus.

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