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Santa shares about his phone and favorite apps.
Santa and his phone


here is no one busier than Santa Claus in December. Last year, he and his team made and delivered more than a billion presents. Wow!  All of us here at 435 felt very fortunate that the big man in red cheerfully took time to answer some questions about his phone.

Biggest time suck app:

►Amazon. Once I start seeing what they’re doing it’s like going down a rabbit hole. I use it to check on the best-selling toys so I can keep the elves up-to-date on what’s most likely going to be on children’s Christmas lists.


How many unread emails:

►Seriously, you don’t want to know – especially this time of year when I’m getting millions of Christmas lists emailed to me. I read every list personally so my email won’t be under control until December 24.


Number of contacts:

►85,861. That’s all the elves, reindeer and of course, the lovely Mrs. Claus! We’ve got quite the group text going on.


Most-essential traveling app:

►NORAD Santa Tracker. Not that I need it because I don’t get lost. But I do enjoy seeing how they track my progress.


Craziest place you’ve ever left your phone?

►Kansas City. I was stuffing some stockings and Mrs. Claus texted me just to check in and I inadvertently put my phone down on the mantel after I texted her back and forgot about it. I got all the way to Leawood before I realized I had lost my phone and had to send two elves to go retrieve it for me.


Favorite Entertainment App and Show:

►Netflix- Fireplace for Your Home


Cities on Weather App:

►North Pole. This would be a better question for Rudolph because he’s the head reindeer in charge when it comes to keeping up with the world-wide weather conditions on December 24.


Most Used Emojis:

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