Take It Inside

Now that we’ve ripped the final pages of 2013 from our calendars and a new year is underway, we have no choice but to hit those resolutions head on. You know the drill — get in shape, lose weight. You’ve done it all before, and chances are you’ll start out with gusto.

But let’s face it, come February, your new workout routine won’t seem so new anymore, and your boredom may be enough to send you from “self-starter” to “slacker.” That’s when it’s time to trade your treadmill for a trampoline, your running shoes for a rock wall, and try these five nontraditional indoor workouts found right in your own backyard.

Indoor Rock Climbing

If sheer altitude (or geography) is standing between you and Everest, we’ve got the answer.

The Cave Bouldering Gym is Kansas City’s premier indoor rock climbing gym, and it’s located — get this — 10 stories underground in Kansas City’s downtown underground.

Bouldering is a form of rock climbing performed without the use of ropes or a harness. Most climbers use climbing shoes to secure footholds and chalk to keep their hands dry.

Featuring 2,050 square feet of terrain rock climbing sets with more than 80 boulder problems (or climbing paths) for experienced climbers and beginners, The Cave is a prime introduction to the ever-growing sport of indoor rock climbing as well as a challenging training facility for experienced climbers. The Cave offers a variety of classes and programs for all ages, including climbing leagues for those with a bit of experience and a competitive edge. And if (when) you get hooked, daily passes, gear rental and monthly and yearly memberships are also available for climbers to come in and work on their own time.


photo courtesy: Jim Grace Photography 

photo courtesy: Hampton Stevens 

Aerial Silk Conditioning

Let’s be honest. You have probably tried yoga before, but we’re willing to bet you haven’t tried it in midair! There’s just something about suspending yourself from the ceiling and manipulating your body in ways you may have never thought possible that seems enticing … and a little unrealistic.

Not the case.

Though it graced our television screens almost four years ago, Pink’s 2010 Grammy Awards performance using aerial silks and acrobatics is forever etched into our brains (and if it’s not, Google it. Trust us).
Thanks to the Kansas City-based Quixotic School of

Performing Arts, Pink’s breathtaking aerial silk performance could be your new workout. Using silk cords suspended from the ceiling, aerial silk conditioning uses your own body weight to tone arms, shoulders, abs and buttocks while creating space between your vertebral discs (which is great for back pain) and lengthening muscles. All beginners must start with “Foundations for Aerial Movement,” a class that determines skill level and helps students gain the appropriate skills for silks manipulation and technique. From there, students become more graceful, stronger, leaner, flexible, coordinated and agile while playing within the space where gravity and antigravity converge.

The best part is, you may not even know how hard you’re working — that is, until you feel your core the next day.

Move over, Cirque du Soleil!


Fitness Pole Dancing

Formerly associated solely with seedy adult entertainment clubs, pole dancing has taken on a new identity in recent months as one of the hottest fitness crazes to hit the U.S. No longer reserved for smoke-filled gentlemen’s clubs, high-intensity pole exercises combine strength-based training with isometric muscle contractions for a full-body workout.

Pole Worx, located in downtown Kansas City, teaches the art of pole dance techniques in a fun, safe, women-only facility that houses 30 poles and 5,000 square feet of studio space, making it the largest pole dance studio in the world. All you need is some comfortable clothes, a good attitude and a loss of inhibition.

Pole Worx offers classes in chair dance, belly dance, Pole dance aerobics, balaties (ballet combined with Pilates), yogalaties (yoga combined with Pilates), Zumba and more.

Because pole dancing combines physical artistry with strength and endurance, it’s an effective way to tone and streamline muscles, just like other types of dance.

Pole dancing, however, requires dancers to support their body weight, which tones and strengthens the body, especially the core, on an entirely different level. Not to mention, you’ll feel more sensual and empowered as a result. The calorie-burning equivalent of a bike ride or jog, pole dancing is the perfect remedy for the indoor fitness “blahs.”

Trust us, it’s much sexier than a treadmill!


photo courtesy: poleworx.com 

photo courtesy: fusionfitness.com 

Fusion Fly

Try putting a new “spin” on your workout this year with Fusion Fly, a fresh and fun workout that blends cross-training and spinning in a fun and energetic atmosphere. At Fusion Fitness in Leawood and Overland Park, trainers live by the motto “Shock Your Body,” coined by owner Darby Brender.

The idea is that by constantly changing up the movement, pace and intensity of your workout, your body will not adjust to your workout monotony, making workouts more effective and results visible faster. To that end, trainers constantly incorporate new fitness routines and exercises into dynamic workouts comprised of strength training, interval and circuit training, kickboxing, calisthenics, Pilates and more.

Fusion’s newest venture, Fusion Fly, is a boutique spin studio that combines Fusion’s signature hybrid workouts with cardio endurance-building stationary bikes, taking the notion of a spin class to an entirely different level.

As the popularity of spin studios like Soul Cycle and Fly Wheel sweep the country’s coasts, Fusion Fly is on the cutting edge of fitness trends as Kansas City’s premier spin class.

Offering Fusion Fly classes 16 times a week, Fusion Fitness has found a way to keep your body guessing through innovative workouts that increase physical results. The payoff? No fitness boredom for you and mind-blowing changes to how you look and feel. We’ll call that a win-win.



Yep, that’s sky-aerobics, just in case you were wondering — a term coined for a cardio aerobics class taught completely on a trampoline. We recommend SkyRobics, whether the thought of jumping on a trampoline makes you feel nostalgic and giggly, or if you yearn to jump in fast food ball pits but are a) a germaphobe or b) too old.

At Sky Zone Kansas City, you’re never too old to relive your childhood. Participants aged 15 and older can jump off the calories in a high-energy, youthful way. And while jumping jacks, squats, frog jumps, high knees and running laps may not sound appealing, they bring out the kid at heart when done on a court lined floor-to-ceiling with trampolines — and when the finale consists of jumping full force into a foam pit.

SkyRobics is low-impact and combines advanced calisthenics, core exercises and strength building while increasing calorie burn. Trampoline jumping is easier on the joints than traditional impact workouts, not to mention that it’s just plain fun!

Classes are available several times per week, and you can pay by the class or purchase unlimited monthly membership options. Using nontraditional muscle groups for stability, combined with increased heart rates from the jumping, SkyRobics can help you burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour, but you’d never know it!

Bouncing your way to a healthier you feels much easier than it is, and hey, who doesn’t like that?