Terrific Transitions

If there’s one guarantee in business, it’s that change is inevitable.

In modern terms, that change often means the physical workplace is interrupted for myriad reasons–and frequently that involves the individual employee workspace. Also known as the cubicle, the workspace was introduced into the American corporate landscape in the late 1960s; its primary function is one of spatial separation. The cubicle, some business historians argue, revolutionized the way work is done as surely as the evolution from electric typewriter to PC to networked PC. 

Cubicle workspaces have morphed from utilitarian set-ups to sleek, flexible, efficient and sometimes sustainable, movable offices. Workspace panels, the pathway for power and data cabling, are the contemporary office’s lifeline–the conduit for plugging in computers, phones, printers and calculators and powering hand-held units, task lighting and CD players. 

So what happens when a company is relocating an entire organization, reconfiguring workspaces or is in need of a general furniture tune-up to help its shifting needs?

Evologic, a Lenexa-based WBE company that installs, stores and moves workspaces, is revolutionizing the way businesses in Kansas City manage workspace change. Positioning itself as a single-source solution for change, the forward-thinking organization combines more than 70 years in project management, workspace design and planning and asset management to help make change seamless, simple and successful.

Evologic’s in-house installation teams work with all makes of workspace furniture and are driven by a client’s design process.

“Our installation experts are well-versed in furniture installations, teardowns and reconfigurations,” explains Trisha Allenbrand, president and founder of Evologic. 

The company handles situations that can help a company remain productive when it matters most.

“We minimize a company’s downtime in the face of change, regardless if it’s a small-, medium- or mega-sized operation,” says Allenbrand. “We don’t just install, store and move workspaces; we look at change head-on and help our clients secure their workspace investment.”

Gary Bicknell, service operations manager, agrees that Evologic’s point-of-difference is based on a vision that entails anticipating and resolving the what-if issues for a client–often before they’re even aware of their existence. 

“Our staff has expertise in many areas, including installation, procurement, project management, restoration and warehousing, so we’re able to address everything,” says Bicknell, who directs Evologic’s well-seasoned team of in-house, bonded and insured move teams who, combined, have more than 100 years of experience in a very precise and customer-oriented business.

Evologic’s client roster includes healthcare, higher education, corporate, GSA and emerging businesses and helps resolve small daily needs to large-scale, long-term projects.

According to Allenbrand, Evologic’s main objective is to ensure their clients remain fluid, working and productive during a change, whether it involves internal or external moves, installing new furniture or managing a company’s IT component. Clients frequently integrate Evologic into their strategic planning process, which Allenbrand says emphasizes the partner relationship her company strives to build.

“Companies bring us on board to help keep them moving forward, even in the midst of change,” says Allenbrand. “It doesn’t have to be chaotic or stressful.”

Allenbrand says that Evologic’s mission embraces the notion that the workplace will always be in a state of evolution and helps solve that by bringing logic to the natural progression.

“We’re in the business of protecting a client’s investment in furniture, real estate and the way they do business,” says Allenbrand, adding that personnel retention due to a well-run office environment is a large part of that matrix. “Sometimes business owners or managers underestimate the value of the tangible things that help employees do their jobs–even simple things like making sure an office chair works.”

Kenny Beall is a workspace change consultant for Evologic; he helps clients to develop customized, efficient and streamlined plans that make sense for their particular needs. 

“Every situation is different, and every situation is a can-do,” says Beall. “I take the challenge, evaluate it and remove the overwhelming feeling that sometimes comes with a workspace change.”

Evologic’s procurement services include architectural products for the flexible office environment such as moveable walls, modular cabinetry and sound masking.

In addition to project management, space planning and design, relocation services, workspace procurement and warehouse and asset management, Evologic repairs and refurbishes furniture and installs and reconfigures workspaces.

Rick Mefferd, purchasing director for Performance Contracting Group, a specialty contractor whose corporate office is based in Lenexa, has used Evologic for installation services for more than three years. In addition to the relationship he has built with Evologic professionals on both the sales and field side, Mefferd says he appreciates the flexibility the company offers when arranging time to come on-site.

“They coordinate work to be done in the office around our schedule, helping to eliminate disruption for our 125 employees,” says Mefferd. “And the teams sent to complete the installations are heads above companies I’ve used in the past,” says Mefferd. “They’re fast, knowledgeable and proactive.”

Evologic also decommissions furniture, adding a sustainable element to their services. 

“We broker, donate, recycle or salvage office furniture,” says Beall. “We are sensitive to waste and the environmental impact of disposal and find creative ways of keeping furniture out of landfills.”

Evologic works with non-profit organizations such as Project Change, a community volunteer-based program for the architect, design and construction community, and Operation Breakthrough to find new homes for furniture.

words: Kimberly Winter Stern

photos: Rachel Swetnam