The Best in Luxury Bedding 2018

KCTV5's 'Better Kansas City' anchor Alexis Del Cid writes about her mad, passionate love affair with her bed.

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   For many years, if I was to describe my relationship with my bed on Facebook, I would have written, “It’s complicated.”

   For this essay, I shall call my bed by her first name: “Beddy.”

   Until very recently, I neglected Beddy, coveted Beddy, loved Beddy, hoarded Beddy and hated Beddy all at once. 

   The 1:45 a.m. wake-up call to anchor the morning news Monday through Friday was unforgiving.  

   Beddy was something I desperately wanted to see more of. Yet seeing Beddy outside of our brief trysts caused me anxiety.

   When will I get to lay down on Beddy again with her glorious memory foam mattress cover?  Will my heart start pounding, worrying how little time we have together?  Will I even enjoy our brief but powerful connection before the alarms (I always set four) go off? Will I squander our precious time, knowing the clock(s) are ticking?

   The weekends? More anxiety.

   Oh Beddy! I’m so glad to see you. You and I against the world, Beddy! Let’s spend the next 48 hours together. Alone! Beddy, let’s make this count.

   My husband would answer my phone. “Sorry. She can’t talk. She’s sleeping her butt off.” (True. I was winning at sleep.)

   My son would tiptoe around the house. “Mom, you get mean if we wake you up.” (Guilty. I was a monster.) 

   I’d sleep through soccer games, mass, breakfast, lunch, life.

   Next thing you know, it’s Sunday afternoon. I’ve had one heck of a weekend with Beddy. Left my family in the cold, and now I’m stressing about Beddy on Sunday – the start of a new cycle.

   I didn’t know my relationship with Beddy was dysfunctional until this past summer.

   A sudden schedule change, and poof! Instead of a 1:45 a.m. wake-up call, it was now 6 a.m. Overnight, Beddy lost her hold on me.
After so many years of not sharing Beddy and her glorious memory foam padding with anyone, my husband and I were now sleeping in Beddy at the same time. 
Sometimes my husband, son and I all relaxed in Beddy, talking (previously forbidden); reading books together (lights on while in Beddy? Also forbidden!) and watching movies (What?)!

   Heck, I was even casually dozing off in Beddy without thinking about the act of sleep (Impossible! Yet happening.)

   Instead of spending my days dreaming of my next tryst with Beddy, I was living life, then simply going to bed. At night.

   Nowadays, Beddy and I are cool, but she’s not my everything. Sometimes (I’m so sorry, Beddy!) I slip and just call her “bed.” Fair warning, though: If you ever try to steal that memory foam cover, I will come for you. Carrying that sucker up the stairs was like trying to carry a body.


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   One of the longest relationships you’ll ever have will be with your bed. The average person spends a third of their life bonding with their duvet comforter. In mattress math, that’s 230,000 hours (based on a 75-year life span) or approximatively 9,125 days spent engaging in some serious snoozing. Which is why a growing number of people are spending the big bucks on all things bed-related. Designers call it “restorative spending” where achieving a good night’s sleep is the 2018 version of the ultimate luxury.

   The owner of Annabelle’s Fine Linens and Gifts at Hawthorne Plaza in Overland Park, Lisa Payne, says her customers are head over heels in love with their beds. “There’s nothing like ending your day by getting into something really, really exquisite.”


   If you’re a high roller in the slumber game, you consider your mattress an investment that can cost as much as a car or (gulp) a house.

   Lower-level luxury starts with a mattress fit for the Queen of England. H.R.H. Elizabeth II catches her forty winks on a $15,000 British-made Hypnos mattress that’s stuffed with camel hair, horsehair and Joma Wool. Curious about Joma Wool? We were. Joma comes from crossbred New Zealand sheep and alpaca known for their resilient coats. The wool is then crimped, which almost doubles its bulk.

   For almost triple the cost of a majesty mattress ($42,000) you can upgrade to a Vispring Masterpiece Superb. The mattress manufacturer promises a “sense of weightlessness” created by the combination of Moosburger horsetail (not a hybrid of moose and horse, by the way. Moosburger is a horsehair company) and hand-teased Shetland and alpaca wool.
The ultimate mattress is the Vividus, manufactured by a Swedish bedmaker Hästens. For $145,000 (yes you read that correctly – one hundred forty-five thousand dollars, and there’s a waiting list) you can sleep on a seven-layer horsehair mattress hand-crafted by artisans who spend 320 hours creating a single mattress. If you’re balking at the price, just think about it this way: it only adds up to 63 cents for every hour you sleep your entire life. (Yeah, I know still a hefty cha-ching.)


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If the mattress is the sleep entrée, then the linens are the dessert. Soft, inviting and luxurious are the key words for achieving bedding nirvana.
The owner of Terrasi Living & Scandia Home on the Country Club Plaza, Ursula Terrasi, agrees. “You walk in, and the minute you slide into those linens, you just leave the world behind,” she says.

The star of the bedding realm is cotton grown on the banks of the Nile River in Egypt. Egyptian cotton is renowned because it yields one of the longest-staple cottons in the world, the staple being the individual cotton fiber. The longer the fiber, the better it can be spun into smoother, stronger, finer yarn. The staple size, weave, yarn type, ply of the yarn and thread count together make up the feel of a fabric.


Percale: A tight, uniform weave that results in a smooth, crisp feel and matte look.

Sateen: A weave that features long expanses of exposed yarns, creating sheen and exceptional softness.

Jacquard: A woven design, not a print, which features fine, intricate patterns.

Linen: A fabric woven with exceptionally long staples that make it breathable and lightweight, and help it wick away moisture better than any other. Sheets madfde from linen are considered very presidential due to Jackie O's insistence that they be used on the beds at the White House.

Silk: Silk sheets may sound sexy, but sleep experts recommend that you give them a hard pass due to their slippery nature and the fact that they don't diffuse heat. 


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   Just like you can buy a mattress that costs more than a house, you can also be the owner of a pillow that costs as much a brand-new, loaded Toyota Sequoia. For about 60 grand, you can rest your head on a pillow that’s been precision-molded to your head and neck, is covered in silk and Egyptian cotton, and has a zipper studded with four diamonds and a sapphire (because nothing says a good night’s sleep like being stabbed by a 22.5 carat gemstone). The pillow also comes with a Louis Vuitton carrying case.

   For those of us not in the market for a pillow that requires a security detail, there’s the wonder of goose down. A true goose-down pillow must be 75 percent goose-down feathers. Lisa Payne, who has the distinction of sleeping on the same pillow for almost half a century, says the secret for obtaining a premium pillow is to not mistake duck feathers for goose.

   Goose down is less “odiferous” and is consider superior to duck feathers because of the smoother nature of the goose plumage. A quality pillow will have a “fill power” of 500 or higher. (Lisa says go for 800.) The higher the fill power, the larger the down cluster. This means the down will loft higher, be softer, and sleep warmer. 


Snuggle or side sleeper (most common sleep position): Firm or super firm pillow

Back sleeper: Medium support

Stomach sleeper: Soft or thin pillow

Squirmy sleeper: Medium support

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