The Cult of Pi is KC’s best backyard pizza party

Church of Pi

Cult of Pi

Brent Gunnels is perhaps the best-known pizzaiola in Kansas City, having manned the oven when Neapolitan pizzeria Il Lazzarone made its reputation.

Gunnels is currently working to open a next-wave coffee shop called Tree Haus Cafe in Midtown that specializes in CBD and Kava. But, in the meantime, he’s been running the best pizza party in town at his home in the Westside neighborhood.

Every Sunday, Gunnels and partners Shane Burton and Savannah Bennett celebrate pizza-themed religious services ( using the wood-fired pizza oven in his backyard. The events are officially church services, which makes it possible to host them as donation-based BYOB events. The evening starts with appetizers and a cocktail toast before Gunnels starts making pies with adventurous toppings that sometimes include avocado and Reese’s Pieces. The toppings may get a little goofy, but the pies are clearly the product of the deft hand of a master pizzaiola who shows a divine gift for working with dough, sauce and cheese.

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