The Face of Athletic Performance: Driv IV Therapy

left to right: blake dankert; lachelle dunbar, np; justin canterberry, rn; philipp vitti; dr. kipp van camp, do; miriam mckinney

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Drip IV Therapy is a team of health-obsessed doctors, nutritionists, pharmacists, athletic coaches, nurses, scientists and practitioners all working to help optimize your health. 

Drip IV Therapy specializes in anti-aging and athletic performance treatments, but works with a broad range of clients, including people who are looking to enhance their mental clarity, manage chronic pain, boost their immune systems or simply practice methods of preventative medicine.  

By infusing the body with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients of the highest quality, Drip IV Therapy keeps their clients healthy and hydrated. They also offer Hormone Replacement Therapy to complete their comprehensive Anti-Aging and Athletic Performance Programs.  

6800 Hilltop Rd., Suite 102 Shawnee, KS | (816) 420-7488 |

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