The Face Of Hair Care

Absolute Hair | Salon 94.2 | Barber Noble
From left to right: V.J. McDaniel; Tabitha Atwood; Darryl Osborne

Absolute Hair  |  Salon 94.2  |  Barber Noble

Located in the heart of Overland Park are three full-service options that provide premier professional grooming services and hair care. At ABSOLUTE HAIR, where impeccable skills and great customer service blend to give the ultimate total grooming experience, Master Barber V.J. McDaniel, with 28 years of experience, brings an extensive display of knowledge and products dealing with skin, scalp and hair to cover all of your grooming needs. At Salon 94.2 (full service), Tabitha offer clients many years of experience, specializing in healthy hair. Color, cuts, natural hair and extensions are just a few of the many services she provides. Darryl Osborne at Barber Noble offers spa inspired grooming services that can be applied to all hair types regardless of race or hair texture. At Barber Noble, the environment is always comfortable and friendly with accommodations provided for individuals with special needs.

8600 W 95th St., Suite 104A Overland Park, KS   |  913.850.HAIR (4247)  |

8600 W 95th St., Suite 101A Overland Park, KS   |  913.433.6521  |

8600 W 95th St., Suite 100A Overland Park, KS   |  913.424.5506  |

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