The Face of Stress-Free Moving: You Move Me

Youmoveme Faces20

The fifth annual Faces of Kansas City focuses on the individuals and groups whose experience and expertise make them leaders in their fields. These professionals work diligently to provide the best service to the residents of our city. Get to know the faces behind the businesses that want to share their passion and commitment with you.

Customer service is not dead, and You Move Me Kansas City (a Southwind company) is proving that one move at a time. Widely considered to be Kansas City’s best moving company, You Move Me continues to revolutionize the moving industry. They completed almost 7,000 moves in the KC area in 2019, worked with HGTV star Tamara Day, and even moved local celebrities such as Travis Kelce. You Move Me has a robust training program, ensuring you have professional teams on each move. Whether it’s upfront rates, the coffee before the move, or the housewarming plant in your new home, they go above and beyond to impress their customers. You Move Me is making us believe that we should never fear moving day again!


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