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Ronnie Smalling, MD  |  In Vein Smalling Vascular Institute, LLC

Smalling Vascular Institute focuses on vascular concerns for any given patient’s foot, knee, calf or thigh problems. Dr. Smalling is one of a few interventional cardiologists in the U.S. specializing in peripheral vascular disease (PVD) in arteries and veins. Those who have neuropathy, diabetic leg/foot wounds or ulcers that don’t heal likely have PVD. Achy knees, ankles or feet may also be signs of PVD.

Common symptoms include lower leg pain, restless legs syndrome and swelling of the feet and ankles (especially toward the end of the day). Anyone who has a slow-healing leg wound should know that 85-90 percent of all leg ulcers are caused by leaking veins in the lower extremity.

If you’re having leg concerns, the compassionate staff at Smalling Vascular Institute can quickly and easily evaluate how your arteries or veins may be the problem. 172 million people suffer from dysfunctional leg veins, and the majority have no idea they have this common disease. However, it can be resolved if accurately diagnosed and treated.

Give Smalling Vascular Institute a call today at 913-912-3624 — we will provide you or your loved one with proper diagnosis and treatment.

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