These are the cuts local beef experts like to grill in their own backyards


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Strip Steak

“I’m not a huge fan of the fat that comes with a ribeye. I really enjoy our dry-aged strip. Wonderful beefy flavor, not as tender as a filet but so much more flavor. I am a preacher of just salt, pepper and love as steak seasoning.” —Stuart Aldridge of Broadway Butcher Shop

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“Most meat people would be prone to ribeye. It’s a better-marbled muscle, therefore more flavorful and tender. There’s more variation in tenderness for strip steak than ribeye for me. But I’m uniquely spoiled. I get the best.” —Joe Bichelmeyer of Bichelmeyer Meats

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Filet Mignon Or Bone-In T-Bone

“Filet is very tender, easy to eat. T-bone is rich with fat and the bone adds to umami.” —Art Ozias of Breezy Hill Farm

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