This Johnson County city is one of the best places in the country to be quarantined at home, says new study

courtesy of Overland Park

Overland Park is the fourth-best city in the country to be stuck at home in, according to a recent study done by the website Lawnstarter

The website used twenty-nine different safety-oriented data metrics to compare the hundred and fifty most-populated cities in the country. The various metrics are divided into five categories — community safety, health and wellness, natural hazards, financial safety, and digital security.

Based on those metrics, Overland Park comes in at four, scoring seventy-three of the possible hundred safety-related points. Two suburbs of Dallas and the California city of Elk Grove are the only cities to rank higher.

Overland Park’s high placement is mostly due to the fact that it scores very well in the health and wellness, quality of life and financial safety categories – all in the top ten of cities. However, OP only ranks the fifteenth safest city when it comes to community safety and crime statistics.

OP’s lower ranking in community safety could be due to the fact that Kansas City is currently experiencing a big uptick in violent crime. Operation LeGend has already brought hundreds of federal agents to the city to help officers with unsolved homicide cases.

In comparison, St. Louis also makes an appearance on the list — but for the opposite reason. It falls at the opposite end of the spectrum – the fourth worst city, only a handful of points higher than the worst-ranked city: Detroit.

Despite Kansas City’s overall rough year in terms of violent crime, Overland Park is the one of the safest cities in the country to be living in right now.

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