Vintage Decorating: Display Your Wine Collection

image: Valentyn Volkov
Showcasing your personal wine selection is the epitome of sophistication.Today’s wine storage options provide ways to highlight your assortment while storing it in optimal conditions. With these tips and trends, you can protect your wine and show it off too.

General Storage Tips 

1. Keep the temperature consistent. It’s best to store reds around 55-65 F, and whites 45-50 F. If storing them together   55 F is the best happy medium.
2. Avoid direct light. Beams from the sun, and even lamps, can destroy a wine’s tannins.
3. Store wine on its side or upside down. This prevents the cork from drying out and letting harmful oxygen enter the bottle.
4. Avoid movement. Any movement or vibrations, such as those from foot traffic, can break down the components over time.
5. Humidity. Keeping the humidity around 55-85 percent will help the corks stay airtight.

Grand Cellar

For those with a true passion for their vino, these large show-stopping wine cellars provide the most ideal storage. With humidity and temperature regulation, they provide a perfect climate while making a regal statement. Use dark materials like stone, brick and wood to provide eye-pleasing texture. This also incorporates the right colors to give the room the feel of a true wine cellar. This concept is growing in popularity in luxury KC homes.

Built-in Shelving

Built-in cabinet units provide a convenient and beautiful way to store your bottles. The concept is great for those who don’t have to space to build a cellar but want their wine to be the centerpiece of the room. Whether you are installing units in your kitchen or basement, this method allows for more customization in order to match the look and feel of your home.

Small Spaces

Simple storage solutions provide a stylish payoff. This is ideal when you don’t have the space, or the need, for a large wine storage unit. Consider a countertop or wall-mounted unit, or for something more permanent, consider a small built-in shelf unit. 


To top it all off, try some fun and fresh ways for reusing corks. Creative, yet classy, these are the perfect accent to any form of bottle storage. What’s also great about these is you can easily craft them yourself. As if you need a DIY project as an excuse to drink more wine.
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