You can hear a stereo that costs as much as a house at this audiophile pop-up party in Kansas City

Most people never get the chance to hear a truly amazing hi-fi system — a setup where the cartridge for the turntable alone can cost as much as a used car and the whole setup could be traded for a condo in Florida. Kelsyn Rooks wanted to change that with Listyn KC (, his monthly pop-up listening party at Waldo Pizza.

Every month, Rooks sets up a system (Klipsch La Scala II speakers, Audio Note amplifiers and turntable) and DJs a show that culminates in the playing of a monumental album on vinyl for an $8 ticket.

In August, it’ll be the 25th anniversary of Jeff Buckley’s masterpiece Grace. When you hear Buckley sing about the secret chord that David played and it pleased the Lord, you’ll be singing “Hallelujah”.

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