You can make your own custom scented candle in Lee’s Summit

Embers Candle Bar

Embers Candle Bar

Scent is something that shapes every moment of our lives — no two homes, workplaces or favorite coffee spots will ever smell exactly the same. But when shopping for candles or diffusers, it can be hard to find fragrances that fit your tastes. So why not make your own? At Embers Candle Bar in Lee’s Summit (315 S.E. Douglas St., Lee’s Summit, Mo., visitors pour their own custom candles and can choose from 84 scents.

“The thing that I really loved was the creative aspect of it,” owner Shara Derks says. “You get to walk away with a candle, and it’s an opportunity to get together with people and make that into an experience as opposed to the digital [experiences] we’ve been sucked into sending each other.”

Ember’s fragrance library includes staple scents like vanilla bean and lavender, as well as seasonal selections. If you’re looking for something different, Derks recommends the bacon and wasabi fragrances.

Embers Candle Bar

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